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No income, no problem: Why you must have an Emergency Fund

No income, well that’s no problem if you have an emergency fund! Find out why you must have an emergency fund, how to build one and how mine saved my life. | Emergency fund | How to save for an emergency fund | How to save an emergency fund | Why you need an emergency fund | The importance of an emergency fund | Money for emergencies | When to use your emergency fund |

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How to start a professional blog for profit: Domain, Hosting and WordPress Guide

Blogging is so confusing *sigh* Luckily my tutorial on ‘How to start a professional blog for profit: Domain, Hosting and Wordpress Guide’ is here to help! | Make money blogging | How to start a blog | Blogging for beginners | Start a blog with SiteGround | Start a blog with Bluehost | Start a Wordpres blog | Start a blog | Start blogging | Blog domain guide | Blog hosting guide | Wordpress guide |

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Why the 9 to 5 was making me sick: Part 2 of Why I Quit my Career

In this post I explain why the 9 to 5 was making me sick. Dealing with multiple chronic health issues I spent all my free time recovering, but never healing… | Chronic illness | Running out of spoons | Chronic health problems | Chronic health issues | Burnt out | Choose recovery | Work from home | Choose health |

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Why I started blogging? and 10 reasons you should too…

Why I started blogging and 10 reasons you should too! Blogging can be a great hobby or business that can bring in pleasure or profits. | Make money blogging | Why I started blogging | Blogging journey | Blogging as a business | Blogging for profit | Blogging community | How to start a blog | Why start blogging |

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