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Blog Income Report March: My Tenth Month Blogging


Another fantastic month, and despite not publishing a single blog post I earned more than I ever have in a single month!!!


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(I write pretty much the same thing here every month so just skip this section if you’re a regular!)

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This blog is all about education and my journey from quitting the 9 to 5 and making a living from blogging. I want to help you guys and I figured the best way to do that is to be honest with you, particularly about what I’m doing that works, and what I’m doing that clearly doesn’t.

The best way to detail all that out is an income report.

Now if you haven’t previously seen an income report before you’re probably a little confused as to why someone would basically reveal all their business’s finances to the world. But that’s what I love about blogging. It’s an entire industry obsessed with being transparent and helping one another succeed. The income reports are not released to brag, they are there to help everyone see exactly how you make money blogging.

And hopefully inspire them to see that it is possible to create a sustainable, authentic business that really helps people while supporting you financially!


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  • Launched my first course for beta testing (AHHHHH!!!!)
  • Started some freelance work
  • Made over $100 from sending one email (I actually spoke about this in my last income report but on the basis it actually happened on March 1st I’m covering it here as well, and it was completely thanks to the course Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers – Everything You’re Missing.)


(Alright when I said I didn’t publish a single blog post that’s not entirely true, I actually publish two and updated two, but it was all on the 2nd March so I might as well have not published a single blog post because for four weeks I didn’t!!!)

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15 Things Your Blog Posts Need To Make Money + FREE Blog Post Checklist

This is my tenth blog income report for March 2018, inside I explain how I make money blogging working from home full time! Blogging is one of the best ways ti increase your income and can make an awesome side hustle. I made over $300 dollars this month and I haven’t posted in over four weeks! #blogincomereport #incomereport2018 #bloggingincomereport #makemoneyblogging


(Numbers in brackets are last months…)

Pageviews over March 2018: 6,021 (7,885)

Sessions: 4,317 (5,865)

Bounce Rate: 80.89% (84.21%)

Average Session Duration: 01:08 (01:05)

Time for my March 2018 blog income report where I tell all about how I had my highest earning month yet without publishing a single blog post!!!

We can see the traffic was pretty steady, no viral pins like last time!

Time for my March 2018 blog income report where I tell all about how I had my highest earning month yet without publishing a single blog post!!!

What’s amazing to see on thsi graph is after my viral pins in February my traffic is at a new higher normal. Creating these new normals is ultimately I believe how you can get consistent hundreds and thousands of pageviews every month!!!


Time for my March 2018 blog income report where I tell all about how I had my highest earning month yet without publishing a single blog post!!!

As always social media is my main traffic referrer. But something incredibly exciting has happened this month. See how my organic search is referring me 529 users, well last month it was only 294, it appears all my SEO efforts are really starting to pay off!!!

Time for my March 2018 blog income report where I tell all about how I had my highest earning month yet without publishing a single blog post!!!

Interesting to see Quora and StumbleUpon making an appearance, I’ve never had them show up before!



Followers: 717 610

(Increase of 107)

Pageviews from Pinterest: 3,243 (5,267)

Here is a screenshot of my traffic from Pinterest from Google Analytics.

Time for my March 2018 blog income report where I tell all about how I had my highest earning month yet without publishing a single blog post!!!

I will now also start tracking my pageviews from Pinterest (you can see I included this metric above) because fundamentally this is the most important Pinterest stat for me and I’m really wondering why I didn’t track this before…

Time for my March 2018 blog income report where I tell all about how I had my highest earning month yet without publishing a single blog post!!!

Above is a screenshot of my Pinterest average viewers. You can see that initially the tend was decreasing, but now it have levelled out and stayed really consistent, this shows how Pinterest has put me at a new normal of just under 300,000 average monthly viewers!

What’s even more important though is the number of people engaged with my pins has almost doubled, it was at 12,700 at the beginning of the month but have levelled off to 11,000. Not too shabby for no new posts!


I’m still not posting on Facebook, but might start again at the end of this month… Maybe…

Likes/Followers: 288

(Increase of 3)

Reach: 19

(Increase of 9)


I’ve restarted posting to Instagram so hopefully we will see some more growth in this area!

Followers: 453

(Increase of 13)

Total Posts Published: 0


An exciting month for email marketing as I finished my course on email marketing with MailerLite and opened it to beta testers!

I also cleaned out my cold subscribers, which I needed to do from the giveaway.

Subscribers: 676

Subscribers Before Clean Out: 917

(Technically increased by 105, but I did clear out around 241 cold subscribers.)

Whilst creating my course I worked out I had been calculating my email newsletter open and click rate wrong, it’s amazing what you notice when you are explaining to someone else, it was such a silly little math mistake as well…

Newsletter Opens: 38.9%

Newsletter Clicks: 7.3%

I would say they are pretty decent stats!!!



(And I always resend to unopened two days later so the stats below include both sends. )

?Feb Income Report is LIVE!!!? (Open rate – 35.41% Click rate – 7.73%)

Not got the time???  (Open rate – 35.34% Click rate – 5.15%)

I was shocked!!! (Open rate – 45.13% Click rate – 8.69%)

Creating viral content ??? (Open rate – 39.89% Click rate – 7.57%)

Other Emails:

I wasn’t sure if I should send this email or not… ???  (Open rate – 27.96% Click rate – 3.69%) This was sent to my whole list and was telling them that Carly’s incredible course was now (and still is) available to buy, you can check out Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers – Everything You’re Missing here.

Want to be a beta tester for my email marketing course {$name}? ??? (Open rate – 62.67% Click rate – 37.33%) This was sent to 75 subscribers either on my email marketing course waitlist or those who had expressed interest.

Your questions answered {$name} ? (Open rate – 52.33% Click rate – 5.81%) This was sent to 86 subscribers either on my email marketing course waitlist or those who had expressed interest.



Pinteresting Strategies: £9.10 ($12.80)

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers – Everything You’re Missing: £116.76 ($164.15) (I SOLD SEVEN OF THESE JUST FROM ONE EMAIL USING THE EXACT TIPS CARLY TALKS ABOUT IN THIS COURSE!!!!)

Beta Testing for my email marketing course: £44.20 ($62.14 although this isn’t quite perfect as there are other fees etc BUT I SOLD MY COURSE AHHHH!!!)

Freelancing: £65.75 ($100)

Google AdSense: £7.34 (that’s like double last month!)

Total Income Earned in March: £243.15 ($349.41)

Total Income Earned Since Launch: £661.03 ($929.35)

Did you spot that, I’ve earned nearly $1,000 dollars from the blog!!!

Also you will note I included my freelancing income on they income report, that it because this blog is the only reason I got the freelance work so it deserves a spot on this income report!


The money that actually hit my bank account this month is: £78.93

In case you were interested, since I started blogging £370.06 has hit my bank account!


Amazon Associate eBook: £12.01 ($16.00)

BoardBooster: £8.57 ($11.43)

March Expenses Total = £20.58 (Yesssss I finally got my blog spending under control!!!!)


Hosting with SiteGround 24 months: £101.94

Divi Theme from Elegant Themes 12 months: £90.15 ($106.80)

Haute Chocolate Stock Photo Membership 6 months: £105.26 ($125.00)

Scan my Post PO Box 12 months: £15.00

Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler 12 months: £73.80 ($89.00)

Traffic Transformation eBook: £42.04 ($50.00)

How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale In 24 Hours Using Pinterest from House of Brazen: £19.92 ($25.00)

BoardBooster: £8.01 ($10.00)

The Core Affiliate Strategy: £36.72 ($46.00)

How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul: £14.74

Income Journey eBook and Email Bundle: £63.73 ($80.00)

BoardBooster: £7.94 ($10.00)

Pinteresting Strategies: £21.59 ($32.00)

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: £136.12 ($169.00)

BoardBooster Strategy by Pot Pie Girl: £22.58 ($29.42)

Microphone Headset: £19.99 (Actually brought it in September but forgot to add it last month)

ConvertKit: £23.16 ($29.00)

Pinterest Promoted Pins course by Pinterest: £0.95 ($1.20) (Yes it really was this cheap!!!)

BoardBooster: £7.66 ($9.67)

Strategies Worth Sharing Facebook Course: £22.23 ($30.00)

Upgraded my Elegant Themes Membership: £111.93 ($125.00)

Upgraded my SiteGround hosting: £17.28

ConvertKit: £22.99($29.00)

Facebook Ads: £50.05

Promoted Pins: £29.26

BoardBooster: £11.59 ($15.00)

ConvertKit: £22.91 ($29.00)

Promoted Pins: £29.26

BoardBooster: £11.59 ($15.00)

ConvertKit: £22.91 ($29.00)

Promoted Pins: £54.86

Facebook Ads: 65.48

BoardBooster: £11.47 ($15.00)

ConvertKit: £21.67 ($29.00)

Facebook Ads Side Hustle course from Millennial Money Man: £180.58 ($247 I think)

Carly’s new affiliate marketing course (this is amazing!!!): £28.14 ($37.00)

SiteGround (second blog stuff): £22.74

iMark Intereactive (to sort out my SSL certificate: £30.71 ($42)

Promoted Pins: £19.64

BoardBooster: £15 ($20.48)

Blogging Bootcamp (sooooo freaking good!!!): £180.58 ($247 I think)

Currys: £213.95 (wasn’t sure if I should include this or not, I brought a second screen to make it easier for blogging, but it’s also to watch movies and stuff on because my household doesn’t have a TV, we are all about the Netflix!)

SiteGround (renew Well and Wealthy domain and a few other bits): £37.14

Total Expenses Since Launching (Including March) = £1,990.31


Currently at an overall loss of: £1,620.25 (which is less than last months over loss of £1,690.61, I’ve got a feeling times are changing!!!) 


Carly’s course worked brilliantly and I would attribute the knowledge I learnt there to the amazing increase in my earnings this month! You can check out Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers – Everything You’re Missing here!!!

My Pinterest strategy (which is a combination of Carly’s Pinteresting Strategy and Scriv’s Pinterest Manual) was doing amazingly, my pageviews were the second best they had ever been considering I didn’t post for over four weeks and I didn’t touch Pinterest at all!

I also applied for some freelance work, which is just so exciting!

Plus people actually brought and become beta testers for my brand new email marketing course!!!!

I would say thsi month firmly worked!!!

The only thing that didn’t go to plan was I intended to carry on updated old posts whilst still creating my email marketing course. However updating posts takes me a minimum of 2.5 hours and I just couldn’t do it all…


  • Create my email marketing/ how to get ConvertKit results with MailerLite course!!!
  • Update 12 posts

Like I mentioned earlier the whole updating posts just didn’t happen… Oh well…


  • Update 12 posts
  • Join 12 more group boards not in the blogging or money topics
  • Publish 6 posts under my health category
  • Publish 6 posts under my organizing category

Overall I’m pretty happy with March and consider it a great success!!!

Any questions please ask away in the comments or email me at!

Also please could you share this post on Pinterest, pretty please! 

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  1. Really interesting to read this months report, thanks so much for posting things like this. Are you in the UK? I am in the UK and just starting blogging, my site it live but I haven’t officially launched yet as I only have 3 posts up so far. There is so much to do and to learn! Thanks for a great post, I hope the next few months are even better for you!

    1. I’m so pleased you found it interesting! I am based in the UK!

      It’s so exciting when you first start blogging, but you’re right there is a lot to learn. Please don’t hesitate to give me a shout if you have any questions!

  2. Amazing job this month! It sounds like you’re on track to start earning a great income from your blog! I bought Carly’s course too but I have yet to get to the email marketing section. I’m excited to go through it after reading your results!

    1. Thank you so much!!!
      Carly’s course is just incredible right, I absolutely loved it and really think it’s one of the best courses out there!

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