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What Is Clutter and Why It’s Ruining Your Life!

As you walk around your home how do you feel? A sense of calm, lightness and relaxation? No? Then it sounds like clutter is ruining your life…
Finally learn what clutter REALLY is, why it’s having such a negative impact on your life and the solution! *Including a FREE download*

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10 Simple Ways Minimalism Can Stop Depression And Anxiety

When I suffered from depression and anxiety everything in my environment was a potential trigger. Yet despite knowing this it still shocked me how much embracing minimalism helped to stop depression and anxiety that I had been suffering with for years. Read this post to find out the 10 simple ways minimalism can help!

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How To Declutter Your Home (And Transform Your Life)

When I decluttered my home the effect was incredible. I instantly felt better, my depression improved and I had more time! So I’m going to show you how to declutter your home and transform your life! I’m now moving towards minimalism and living a more minimalist life because of the benefits. Here is a decluttering plan, with plenty of decluttering tips and ideas to stop you from feeling overwhelmed, and simplify and organise your home.

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An introduction to minimalism: Save money and be happier

Minimalism the trend that can save you money, boost your happiness and save the environment. Read this post to learn more about becoming a minimalist! | Minimalism lifestyle and simple living | Minimalism lifestyle inspiration | Minimalism simplify your lifestyle | Minimalism tips | Minimalist living tips | Minimalist living inspiration | Minimalist living as a beginner | Minimalist living ideas | Beginners guide to minimalism | Save money with minimalism | Improve health with minimalism | Improve happiness with minimalism | Benefits of minimalism and a simple lifestyle |

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