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How to make bone broth that is actually drinkable (Week 1 of Health and Weight Loss Diary)

Find out the massive mistake I made when I made bone broth, and how to make bone broth that’s actually drinkable! Plus I also lost 9.6lbs!!! WOW! Check out Week 1 of my Health and Weight Loss Diary! Here is a bone broth recipe that you will love, this bone broth is quick to make, you can make this bone broth in a slow cooker, or you can make this bone broth in a crock pot, beef bone broth or chicken bone broth the choice is yours! My bone broth fast, and bone broth diet is how I lost weight!

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How to stay sane working from home running your own business

It’ so difficult to stay sane working from home running your own business! So much to do, amrite. Don’t worry these tips will have your back! Working from home | Staying sane working from home | Wellness | Being productivity when working from home | Avoid burn out running your own business | Stop burn out |

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Wealth, health and happiness…

Well and Wealthy [ making a living online, without compromising your wealth, health and happiness ]

Welcome to Well and Wealthy!

I’m Sammy, sole owner (and worker) in this little slice of the internet. I started this blog to document my journey from quitting the 9 to 5 to making a living online.

Plus I’m going to show you how too!

Want to know a bit more about me? Then check out my story.