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For a long time now a busy life has been congratulated. 

  • Well done that you have no time for rest because your calendar is so full of obligations. 
  • Well done that your home feels more overwhelming than sanctuary because it is so full of objects that signify success. 
  • Well done that your to-do list is never ending because there is so much in your life that needs managing. 

Well done indeed.

But finally we are waking up and realizing that this is no life. 

Not one worth all that effort and exhaustion anyway. 


It's time to simplify our lives so we can start living again. 


What does simplifying your life mean?

At it's core it means cutting out all the excess so you are only left with the parts of your life that really bring you joy, happiness and contentment. 

But that can be a little hard to imagine, so instead think of your closet. 

Full of clothes you love but also clothes you no longer wear, clothes you don't feel good in and clothes that never suited you. 

Right now I imagine thinking about it all feels a little overwhelming. 

But instead imagine it only containing the clothes you like to wear and feel good in. I'm going to guess that now thinking about your closet feels nice and calming, maybe even exciting to choose what you're going to wear tomorrow. 

Now imagine making that change to your whole life. 

Simplifing so you are only left with the parts that matter.


How does simplifying your life make you happy?

Because how on earth can you have the time to dedicate to things and activities that make you happy when you have no white space on your calendar?

Because how can you have the space to dedicate to things and activities that make you happy when your home is so full?

Because how can you have the mental bandwidth to dedicate to things and activities that make you happy when your life and mind needs constant managing?

When there is space in your life there is space for doing the things that make you happy, rather than being stuck on a treadmill of must-dos, to-dos and have to-dos. 


How to simplify your life and home

1 - Start decluttering

It truly is life-changing.

And I have a get started guide you can check out here.

2 - Think about what you can remove from your life

Rather than what you can add.

In our society we're taught that we need more, more, more to be happy. But I've nearly always found the opposite to be true. 

Start thinking about what you can remove from your life that no longer serves you or is a drain.

3 - Make more whitespace on your calendar

We all have obligations of course, but try and whittle down those obligations so that your calendar is no longer overwhelming to look at, but instead instills a sense of calm and peace. 

In other worlds, edit your life so that you have more whitespace on your calendar. 

4 - Say "no" more

Be honest and tell people that you just can't do that, that you don't want to do that. Say no. 

Respect yourself, your time and your space and decline those things that will drain and not add to your life. 


Best Books for Simplifying Your Life

Because simplifying is the name of the game here I'm actually only going to recommend one book.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

It honestly changed my life and was key in helping me beat depression. 


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