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Ahh what happened Week 3?!?


In case you’re new around here, welcome to Week 3 of my Health and Weight Loss Diary and like the titles says, one step forward and two steps back. This week didn’t go brilliantly!



There will be no useful snippet of information this week because I haven’t learnt anything helpful this week (hence no Pinterest image because who would click or want to share this ranty post!


But I’ve committed to writing a diary entry every week and so I shall, even if it’s just for myself (sorry guys!)


Anyway if you would like some useful info then you could check out:

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But if you actually want to find out why this week was rubbish then read on…


Like the title says, this week just felt like one step forwards, two steps backwards. Not only did I not lose weight, but my IBS got bad again!!!

Health and Weight Loss Diary


Because this is my diary it will be shorter than normal posts and you can find the main details of why I started this diary right here. Curing my chronic health conditions is my main priority, particularly my IBS and leaky gut. While the weight loss is more of an added bonus, but nonetheless something I’ve been trying to achieve for a while!


As always, let’s check those numerical stats:


(The first number was my week 2 stat and the second number is where I am now…)

Weight: 182lbs –> 182.6lbs

Bodyfat Percentage: 34.6% –> 35.1%

Right Arm: 12.5in –> 12.5in

Left Arm: 12.5in –> 12.5in

Chest: 41.5in –> 42in

Waist: 34.5in –> 34in

Hips: 43.5in –> 44in

Ass: 46.5in –> 46.5in

Right Thigh: 26in –> 25in

Left Thigh: 26in –> 25.5in


So that’s….

  • 0.6 pounds gained
  • 0.5% body fat percentage gained
  • 1 total inch lost


Considering all I have been eating is the most healthiest food known to man, like what the heck is going on!!!


Do I feel any better?


No. Okay I’m in a super bad mood today so things might be a little negative…


So after last week’s IBS win where I discovered that if i only ate meat (no vegetables) I could stop my chronic diarrhoea.


Having done some research I theorised that it was the insoluble fibre vegetables that were causing the issues. Therefore I intended this week to eat only soluble fibre vegetables and meat to see how things went.


However life was starting to feel a little joyless. When your food is repetitive and alone (like no sauces etc) it makes eating feel like a chore. I use to love food and love eating, I think it’s fair to say mealtimes were often the highlight of my day (hence the need to lose weight…)


Now it kind of felt like I didn’t have anything to look forward to and I was getting a bit down about food, and yes sure I was and am being dramatic. But when you can’t really leave the house for too long in case you get diarrhoea, or you wear yourself out and get a migraine, not even having meal times to look forward to was taking it’s toll.


So I decided I would eat dairy as well. Just think of the melted cheese and creamy yoghurt eating opportunities!


Now I know that dairy is one of the major things that causes IBS in some people but I’ve had tests done and know I’m not lactose intolerant. Plus I have never noticed a major issue when I ate dairy, so it seemed like a very safe risk.


Well my stomach has been less than happy with me this week, with yesterday being awful!


I noticed it hadn’t been as calm as last week, despite only eating meat, dairy and soluble fibre vegetables.


Therefore I thought I would cut the vegetables out. I like to test things like this out for a couple of days, and yesterday was my last day of testing just meat and dairy.


For lunch I had a chicken breast with butter. I love butter, and I know it’s super weird but I can eat it straight. So I thought nothing of eating little chunks of butter with each bite of my chicken, using it like mayo or ketchup. Delicious.


But about two hours later (and there is no nice way of saying this) my body had removed everything I had eaten that day (and possibly even that year) and I don’t mean via vomiting…


So that was nice for me.


And to top it all off, when I got on the scales about another three hours later I had put on 0.6lbs, which sure doesn’t sound like much. But let’s remember that I’ve had diarrhoea for the past week, and it was particularly bad that day! Who doesn’t lose weight when they have diarrhoea!!!


In fact while we are on the subject, I’ve had freaking diarrhoea for 4 years and yet all I can seem to do it put on weight, unless I literally eat nothing. Which is kind of not possible if I want to stay alive!!!


So much frustration!!!


At this point I’m unsure if it was the dairy aspect or the very high fat aspect that caused literal hell yesterday. Fun fact, butter has basically no dairy in it, it’s pretty much just saturated fat, so I find it hard to believe it was the dairy aspect. But saying that, if you are very intolerant to dairy then butter would aggravate you so it is possible…


But today I’m just eating chicken because it’s low fat, no dairy and doesn’t have any vegetables. Yay.


Rant over and I think it’s best we leave it there eh! Fingers crossed next week will be a bit better!