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Welcome to Week 13 and 14 of my Health and Weight Loss Dairy and I’ve got a new plan!

Just so we’re clear this entry if for week 13 (30th March to 5th April) and week 14 (6th April to 12th April) but I also talk about an appointment I went to yesterday (16th April). Yes I know I’ve made it a bit confusing and I also need to stop posting late! My bad, I’m working on it!!!

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You can find all the details of why I started this diary right here. Curing my chronic health conditions is my main priority, particularly my IBS and leaky gut. While the weight loss is more of an added bonus, but nonetheless something I’ve been trying to achieve for a while!



(The first number is the stats from two weeks ago and the second number is where I am now…)

Weight: 183.8 lbs –> 184 lbs

Bodyfat Percentage: 36.9% –> 35.9%

Right Arm: 13in –> 13in

Left Arm: 13in –> 13in

Chest: 41.5in –> 41.5in

Waist: 36in –> 36in

Hips: 44in –> 44in

Ass: 46.5in –> 47in

Right Thigh: 26in –> 26in

Left Thigh: 26in –> 26in

So that’s….

  • 0.2 pounds gained
  • 1% body fat percentage lost
  • 0.5 inches gained

You will notice, if you read these entries regularly, that I just hover around that same weight, body fat percentage and inches, losing and regaining those same numbers. It’s frustrating, but I know honestly I’m just not putting in the consistency and discipline necessary to reach my goals, and that’s tough to admit but it’s true.



Well it’s actually be freaking awesome because I’ve had friends come to stay and I secured a freelance job so wooooo!

But less awesome on the health and weight loss side of things because as soon as I see my friends all good eating habits etc go out the window!

In fact that’s the exact reason why my weight never budges. I actually lose weight during the weekdays but then put it all back on on the weekends, so my weight stays pretty much the same! This is obviously something I need to work on, I’m just not sure how yet…

Yesterday (Monday 16th April, yes I realise I should actually be talking about this in next weeks diary but whatever)I had another appointment with the guy who has diagnosed me as chronically stressed, as in my sympathetic nervous system is dominant rather than my parasympathetic nervous system.

He did some osteopathy on me to help my diaphragm move better so I can breath more deeply (this is important because the muscular movement of the diaphragm when you breath helps regulate your gut muscle movements, aka how quickly your body pushes food through your digestive tract, this is how Imodium works by the way by slowing down your digestion muscles.) He also did some cranial osteopathy which is important for nervous system regulation.

Then we spoke about some diet and lifestyle changes including having regular reflexology. I have only had reflexology once so I will be interested to see if it helps to relax me!

So all in all a very interesting consultation. I felt that the changes he wants to make are very subtle so honestly I’m a little worried they won’t help much. But perhaps this is a lesson in how even subtle changes can really affect our bodies and that I need to be more careful to keep things constant…