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Welcome to Week 15 of my Health and Weight Loss Dairy and a couple of changes are afoot!

I’ve had both a positive and negative week, so read on to find out why!!!

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You can find all the details of why I started this diary right here. Curing my chronic health conditions is my main priority, particularly my IBS and leaky gut. While the weight loss is more of an added bonus, but nonetheless something I’ve been trying to achieve for a while!



(The first number is the stats from last week and the second number is where I am now…)

Weight: 184 lbs –> 185.2 lbs

Bodyfat Percentage: 35.9% –> 36.9%

Right Arm: 13in –> 13in

Left Arm: 13in –> 13in

Chest: 41.5in –> 42in

Waist: 35in –> 34.5in

Hips: 44in –> 44in

Ass: 47in –> 46.5in

Right Thigh: 26in –> 25.5in

Left Thigh: 26in –> 26in

So that’s….

  • 1.2 pounds gained
  • 1% body fat percentage lost
  • 1 inches gained

Yeah not my best week ever… I binged a fair few times this week but I counted the calories and I didn’t go over 2,000 so I kind of think this is a little unfair!!!



Well technically I spoke about half of this week in my previous weeks entry, so you can go check that out!

But something interesting that also happened this week is I had a Skype appointment with a doctor who specialises in stress and wow I was blown away.

He was incredibly perceptive and had sussed my personality (and my boyfriends) within the first five minutes of talking!!! Like whattttt! I mean he had looked at my case notes prior but they were more medical than personality…

Anyway, we spoke a lot about stress and depression and there were a few things that stood out from the conversation, I’ve listed them below in no particular order.

  • When people have depression they often seek out serotonin to help them, but thsi does not help with the unmotivated side of depression, so they end up happy but stuck on the couch. Dopamine is a better way to go.
  • You breathing pattern can illicit any emotion without anything in your environment or mind causing that emotion. So for example, think of a strong emotion like anger, when you’re angry you breath in a very particular way, now even if you’re not angry but force yourself to breath in that way you will become angry…  All my life I have breathed through my mouth (should be through your nose), very shallowly and fast, the exact way you breath when you are stressed and anxious, hence one of the reasons why I’m stressed and anxious all. the. time.
  • I should do more swimming and singing lessons to help with my breathing (both activities I love).
  • He reckons that physically overweight people can’t help but become depressed and anxious because by carrying extra weight your body is unable to breath in any other way but how a depressed and anxious person would. So unless you are incredibly aware of your breathing, indirectly, being overweight could really affect your mental health. Probably one of the reasons people are happier when they lose weight is actually because they are able to breath the way a happier person can, not just because they feel more confident!
  • Make sure you have fun. Like actually do something you enjoy. This is something I massively struggle with in that I can never figure out an activity I would find fun, I often enjoy something when I’m doing it, but actually getting myself to choose something and then do it is very hard!

I look forward to more appointments with him!!!

See you next week!!!