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Welcome to Week 16 of my Health and Weight Loss Dairy and even the best laid plans don’t necessarily mean progress…

I had all the best intentions for this week but it just hasn’t gone to plan!

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You can find all the details of why I started this diary right here. Curing my chronic health conditions is my main priority, particularly my IBS and leaky gut. While the weight loss is more of an added bonus, but nonetheless something I’ve been trying to achieve for a while!



(The first number is the stats from last week and the second number is where I am now…)

Weight: 185.2 lbs –> 186.2 lbs

Bodyfat Percentage: 36.9% –> 36.4%

Right Arm: 13in –> 13in

Left Arm: 13in –> 13in

Chest: 42in –> 42in

Waist: 34.5in –> 34.5in

Hips: 44in –> 44.5in

Ass: 46.5in –> 46.5in

Right Thigh: 25.5in –> 25.5in

Left Thigh: 26in –> 26in

So that’s….

  • 1 pound gained
  • 0.5% body fat percentage lost
  • 0.5 inch gained

The weight keeps creeping up. Grrr. But I know why, I’ve been majorly binging this week…



Like I mentioned above I’ve been binging a lot this week. I know why, it’s because I’m panicking about my holiday in August and being overweight for that.

I mean how ridiculous though, I know I need to lose weight and the more I focus on losing weight the more I binge!!!

I’ve also been worried that I just don’t know how to lose weight while eating a diet that’s best for my IBS (aka the white rice with everything diet…)

In the past if I’ve wanted to lose weight I would cut the carbs and there we go. Sure it was miserable, but it worked. And I never really got hungry because hello unlimited veg!

But now that I have to really watch how much fibre I eat, well that unlimited veg is out the window…

What is good is how hungry I do get and I think that shows that my digestive and general body systems are doing better (I never use to get hungry before, like I just didn’t get the signal that I needed to eat until I was ready to pass out, just like I never use to get the signal that I was full until I was about ready to be sick. Yay.)

I was doing some research this morning about weight loss and came across this awesome website Super Fit Dads. Now, sure, the site is aimed at Dads over 40 who want to get in shape so I’m not exactly the target audience, but so many of the blog posts answered the exact questions I had about how to lose weight eating what you want (or rather what I need to eat) and explaining that diets, such as low carb, etc, aren’t the only way to lose weight.

Anyway, after reading nearly the entire site I’ve come up with a mini plan to, hopefully, help me lose weight without being pushed to binged.

(I would recommend you read this post and this post for the basics behind why I think this will work… Plus maybe this post to debunk everything you ever thought about food in general… This sentence was mainly for you Mum because I think you will find those posts super interesting! But everyone should have a read too!)

So the plan is as follows:

  • Track my calories in (using MyFitnessPal) and calories out (using my Apple watch) each day. Now neither of these methods of calculating are perfect, but they will be imperfectly consistent which is what I need,
  • Weight myself once a week (I already do this)
  • Assess the relationship between my weekly calories in, weekly calories out and the deficit (fingers crossed for a deficit!) with my weight. For example if I eat over 14,000 calories each week does my weight increase regardless of how active I am. Or is it the deficit between the two a much more important factor is whether my weight goes up of down. Now I know these things seem ridiculously basic but I honestly have no idea how much or little I need to eat and be active in order to lose weight, so that’s what I’m going to find out!
  • Lastly I’m going to seriously up my protein because it takes more effort for your body to digest, keeps you fuller for longer and doesn’t affect my IBS.

So there we go, a stupidly simple plan that might just work!