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Welcome to Week 18 and19 of my Health and Weight Loss Dairy and I’ve had a massive fail!

Or have I?!?

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You can find all the details of why I started this diary right here. Curing my chronic health conditions is my main priority, particularly my IBS and leaky gut. While the weight loss is more of an added bonus, but nonetheless something I’ve been trying to achieve for a while!



(The first number is the stats from two weeks ago and the second number is where I am now…)

Weight: 185.4 lbs –> 189.2 lbs

Bodyfat Percentage: 37.1% –> 35.8%

Right Arm: 13in –> 13in

Left Arm: 12.5in –> 13in

Chest: 41in –> 41.5in

Waist: 35in –> 36in

Hips: 44.5in –> 45in

Ass: 46.5in –> 47in

Right Thigh: 26in –> 26in

Left Thigh: 26in –> 26.5in

So that’s….

  • 3.8 pounds gained
  • 1.3% body fat percentage lost
  • 3.5 inches gained

Yeah not my best week…

But here’s the thing, before I weighed myself I was feeling so proud of myself because I hadn’t been binging. By upping my protein intake, actually eating when I was hungry, not focusing on losing weight and allowing myself a treat in the form of a yummy protein bar I had managed to stop that need to binge eat for like two whole weeks!

That’s amazing. I truly felt like I had found a winning formula to dealing with my BED.

Now, having weighed myself and seen those stats I feel like such a failure.

Immediately after I was thinking (read stressing) oh no, now I really do need to lose weight, and then I binged. I could have bloody predicted that!!!

On a slightly different, but related subject I’ve been looking into reverse dieting.

To lose weight you have to reduce the amount of energy you are bringing into your body (by reducing calories) so your body in turn burns your body weight.

However after a little while of this your body becomes adapted to the amount of calories you’re ingesting and so you stop losing weight, you plateau… This is pretty common and well known knowledge. Then in order to continue losing weight you might have to increase your workouts or change your diet, normally by reducing calories further.

So what happens when you finish a diet?

Well most people go back to eating how they use to eat and low and behold they put the weight back on, if not more because now you’re body is super efficient at using those calories so it doesn’t need as many to keep you alive and well (ish).

Hence why people say diets don’t work because you put the weigh straight back on. Diet themselves do work, it’s just no one transitions out of diets correctly, mainly because we are never taught that bit…

Enter Reverse Dieting

So reverse dieting (this is a great blog post about it if you’re interested) is where you gradually increase the number of calories your body can ingest without you putting on weight.

First you have to figure out the number of calories you can eat without you losing or gaining weight, then you slowly increase that number of calories each week, while monitoring your weight, until you are eating a higher calorie amount but still maintaining that same weight.

They say that it’s important to do weight lifting alongside and to reduce your cardio, but I haven’t research much about that side of things.

So what does reverse dieting have to do with me (and you)?

I have been on and off diets since I was a kid. Right now I have to eat a stupidly small amount of calories to lose weight, like 1,000 or less.

When I only eat that little calories I become fixated on food and super hungry, which in turn causes me to binge eat.

Binge eating obvious destroys my weight loss efforts and causes me to put on weight.

However if I eat enough to not get super hungry and end up binge eating, even when I’m not actively dieting I end up putting on weight because I have to eat like 1,200 calories only to not gain weight.

Realistically 1,200 calories is not enough to stay sane.

So I’m stuck.

I need to lose weight, but in order to lose weight I need to reduce my calories to like 1,000 or less because the years of yo-yo dieting have destroyed (or rather massively improved ironically) my metabolism to make it uber efficient and keeping me alive on a super low amount.

Now if I only eat 1,000 calories I get so hungry and crazy I end up binge eating, which obviously destroys my weight loss efforts.

So the answer is to stop dieting right?

Except when I stop dieting I put on weight. I’m still only eating like 1,800 calories a day, I workout etc so I should be able to easily burn that up, but I don’t.

Then when I put on weight I get super worried and upset which also causes me to binge. Great.

I think you might be starting to see an issue here haha!

So what’s the answer? 

I think it might be reverse dieting.

If I can increase the number of calories I can eat without putting on weight to a normal level like 2,500 then that should really help with the binge eating and not getting hungry.

Then once I’ve done that (which will probably take 6 months to a year) I can reduce my calories to lose weight, but I will still hopefully be eating enough calories so I don’t trigger my BED.

Then once I’ve lost the weight I can reverse diet again so that I can be eating a decent calories intake at my lower weight.

Sounds good right?

Expect will the focus on my weight cause me to binge eat, even if I’m not trying to lose weight, will that attention centred on it be enough to cause issues?

Plus can I stick to the same amount of calories, or a calories limit at least for months and month, which I would need to do to make the reverse diet work…

I honestly don’t know.

Like right now binging is still a big part of my life whether I like it or not. It’s also quite a big part of society. For example, on your birthday you’re expected to eat loads of cake and drink loads etc etc. It’s a calorie fest!

But that would all have to be controlled!

I’m still unsure and need to do further research but I’m learning a lot and figuring out more and more how to crack this weight thing and BED for good!