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Week 9 of my Health and Weight Loss Dairy and I’ve finally accepted that conventional medicine just ain’t going to cut it!

It took an appointment with a top London endocrinologist for me to finally accept this, but more on that later!


Plus could tapping (also called Emotional Freedom Technique) hold some answers?


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You can find all the details of why I started this diary right here. Curing my chronic health conditions is my main priority, particularly my IBS and leaky gut. While the weight loss is more of an added bonus, but nonetheless something I’ve been trying to achieve for a while!


(The first number was my week 8 stat and the second number is where I am now…)

Weight: 182.8 lbs –> 182.8 lbs

Bodyfat Percentage: 36.8% –> 35.5%

Right Arm: 12.5in –> 12.5in

Left Arm: 12.5in –> 12.5in

Chest: 41.5in –> 41in

Waist: 35.5in –> 34.5in

Hips: 44.5in –> 44in

Ass: 47.5in –> 47in

Right Thigh: 25in –> 25in

Left Thigh: 25.5in –> 25.5in

So that’s….

  • 0 pounds lost (or gained)
  • 1.3% body fat percentage lost
  • 2 inches lost

No weight loss but my measurements and body fat reduced, wooo! Realistically this is probably just the bloating from my period going but still it’s nice to see the lower numbers.



Again my IBS hasn’t been too happy this week because I was on my period. But hopefully it should settle down next week.

One thing that’s been a big problem is my headaches and migraines. I’m back to having them nearly every day and taking so many painkillers I know isn’t good for my gut. I’m not really sure what to do about them.

My headaches are normally triggered by my back or stress, so I went to the osteopath, which often helps, but that made no difference. I do know I’m quite stressed, except I’m not actually stressed about anything. I’m just in this weird continuous state of tension for no apparent reason!!!

And not only is this bad for headaches, but it’s also bad for my gut, weight loss and pretty much every condition that I have…. So I definitely need to get my stress under control, it’s just kind of difficult when you aren’t really stressed about anything (or maybe I’m stressed about everything).

Either way this is where I’m thinking tapping could come in.

I have seen a lot of people talk about it but I always thought it seemed a bit stupid (yeah I know, the girl who thinks homeopathy is great, is a skeptic about another alternative health option with scientific evidence to back it up). But my Mum brought me a book on it because she’s always on the hunt for anything that might help me and having read the first couple of chapters I’m a little hooked. So I will keep you updated on my tapping adventures too! (Assuming I actually manage to finish reading the book, I haven’t got very far with my hormone book yet…)


So what did the endocrinologist say?

First maybe I should explain why I went to see an endocrinologist who deals with hormones rather than a gastroenterologist who deals with stomach issue!

So I didn’t particularly want to go and see a gastroenterologist because I knew exactly what they would do and say having spoken to my GP about this extensively. They would do some tests and investigations, then tell me I have IBS and that is nothing they can do for me so go try FODMAP… Well I already know I have IBS and I’ve tried FODMAP sooooo I needed a different plan.

So why an endocrinologist?

  1. A few tests I had done with a nutritionist I was working with a couple of years ago suggested a hormone imbalance (particularly oestrogen dominance despite having a Mirena coil emitting progesterone…)
  2. I’m in this constant state of stress so hello cortisol
  3. I have Raynaulds which is primarily caused by stress
  4. My lack of weight loss could be hormonal as hormones control a lot of weight related things

(Okay there was a few other reasons but I can’t remember them right now.)

I was slightly concerned I may have a thyroid issue and thought that the endocrinologist could do some sort of mass testing and check the level of all my hormones.

The Doctor was super nice, did a physical check and read through every random test and piece of paper I showed him.

He explained I definitely didn’t have a thyroid issue because my previous blood tests from last year show no thyroid or hashimoto’s thyroiditis markers, plus because I’ve had these issues for well over five years, if it was from my thyroid apparently I would be showing physical visual thyroid signs, which I’m not.

Okay well that’s good, no thyroid problem.

But then the Doctor explained that unless I need a tablet for my thyroid or insulin for diabetes there isn’t anything he can do for me within the confines of conventional medicine. Seeing as I don’t have a hormonal issue in the eyes of conventional medicine he cannot help me. But he is going to refer me to someone he knows in the more holistic health arena that he recommends, so fingers crossed!