Guest Posts:

Well and Wealthy is always open to guest posts. If you would like to be featured on the site please email [email protected] with possible post ideas and a link to your own blog.

Guest posts once written must be:

  • Over 1,000 words
  • Completely original content
  • On a topic this blog covers (blogging, anything money related, wellness, gut health, mental health, minimalism, organisation, productivity and natural, green living)


Roundup Posts:

If you would like to use one of Well and Wealthy‘s posts in a roundup post on your own site that’s completely okay as long as:

  • You link back to the post you are referencing
  • You do not use the content directly on your own site (as in you cannot copy and paste my content and use it, you can summarise it in your own words and then link back to my post)
  • You do not use my Pinterest images on Pinterest to direct people to your own site
  • You may use one image within your post if applicable as long as it links back to my post

Basically please don’t steal my content and I love link backs haha!


Anything else?

If you have any other questions or opportunities please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected], I read every email I receive! 🙂