It’s time to learn an EASY and DOABLE step-by-step process to implement effective self-care that makes happiness possible.

Self-Care Success course intro
Self-Care Success course intro woman

Dear exhausted and overwhelmed friend,

I want you to know that you’re not alone.

That those feelings you’re having that led you to click onto this page are solvable.

That happiness is possible for you.

But I understand that right now it might not feel that way…

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  • Maybe you’re feeling stagnant with your mental health and no matter what you try it just feels like you’re existing rather than living life.
  • You might be struggling with depression, seen your doctor and followed all their advice and yet happiness still feels so far out of your reach.
  • Or perhaps you’ve noticed you’ve been feeling a bit down lately, not looking after your mental health as much as you should…and you know you need to put it higher on the priority list to make sure you don’t run into bigger problems later…

And so, like anyone experiencing these feelings, you’ve jumped onto Google and Youtube, headed to your local bookstore and asked your best friends (or a combination of all three and more) searching for *something* to make you feel better.  

But you’ve ended up lost in a sea of self-care suggestions of bubble baths and waking up at 5am, and it’s overwhelming, confusing, and impossible to implement!

You know self-care *should* be making things better.

But there are so many self-care suggestions out there, how do you even know where to start?

While the ones you have tried are quite frankly useless.

Like the over-cliched bubble bath is going to make everything better…

And people *may* have gotten life-changing results from waking up at 5am and working through a seven-step morning routine that includes journaling, meditation, writing out your goals and a two hour weight lifting routine…

But you’re just left feeling like an utter failure because you can’t even manage step one.

How can self-care be this hard…

Self-care is meant to be the miracle cure all, and yet all it seems to be doing is making your life harder…

Not happier.

But here’s the truth…

From someone who relied heavily on self-care to beat severe depression…

(You know, one of those people who regularly goes on and on about how transformative self-care is.)


(Or that confusing, overwhelming or just plain useless.)

Self-care, or at least the kind of self-care that will actually improve your happiness in the long term, should be easy, fun and quick to implement. Really.

Self-Care Success course students

That the actions that have made the biggest difference to my mental health and generally coping with life was the smaller, easier self-care. 

The self-care anyone could easily implement and sustain.

Self-care that could easily be sustained alongside normal, day-to-day life.

I now like to call this The E.F.Q. Approach to Happiness, because all the self-care that ultimately led me to beat depression and become happy was either easy, fun or quick (or all three!)

It might have taken me a year off life to figure out the self-care that actually works to bring back happiness.

But I also knew this knowledge could help others not have to go through what I had been through.

So first I created the Get It Done With a Smile Planner to help implement some of this self-care WHILE getting your life together and organized.


Self-care is a BIG subject and there is a lot more that can be learned than within the confines of a planner…

PLUS, I also knew that we’re all individuals, so learning HOW to figure out the right self-care for YOU is a super important skill to learn.

Which led to the creation of…

self-care success program

Discover exactly what self-care is effective for improving mental health, how to know the right self-care for you, and how to implement that self-care without overwhelm or failure…so happiness can become possible for you again.

Whether you’re…

  • Feeling stagnant with your mental health and no matter what you try it just feels like you’re existing rather than living life.
  • Struggling with depression, seen your doctor and followed all their advice and yet happiness still feels so far out of your reach.
  • Or you’ve noticed you’ve been feeling a bit down lately, not looking after your mental health as much as you should…and you know you need to put it higher on the priority list to make sure you don’t run into bigger problems later…

As long you’re functioning (able to go to work, get out of bed and generally stay on top of things) then Self-Care Success can help you!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

When I purchased the program I was looking for depression resources that I’d actually use. Fun, easy, quick and make total sense. And the program was perfect for that! Thank you!

— Jen
Self-Care Success Customer

Consider this program your roadmap to discovering the self-care you need to feel happy and fulfilled.

Self-Care Success happy woman
  • Learn the exact self-care that helps your mental health (because we’re all individuals and it’s finding the right self-care for you that’s so important – NOT trying to implement a generic one-size-fits-all self-care that barely moves the needle!)
  • Learn how to manage your time so not only can you easily fit self-care into your schedule, but staying on top of life is no longer a source of stress for you.
Self-Care Success happy mindfulness meditation
  • Learn the self-care basics that are often overlooked and are totally needed to make any other self-care work (not getting the basics right is one of the main reasons why it can feel like self-care doesn’t work – it’s like trying to run a marathon before you can run 5k and then pronouncing that running is impossible…)
  • Have the tools, knowledge and support you need to actually do the self-care that helps you – we know motivation doesn’t work in the long run and doing actions when your mental health isn’t feeling great is beyond difficult, BUT there are other ways beyond motivation that make implementation possible and easy.

Stop “just existing” and start experiencing happiness and actually living your life again, because your mental health really can improve.

So how does the Self-Care Success program work?

When you enroll, you get instant access to ALL of the lessons and bonus material. That means you can work through the program at your own pace.

You could do a lesson a week, a lesson a month or a lesson a day…

It’s entirely up to you because you will receive instant access to all 12 lessons and associated program content upon purchase!

Getting the basics nailed

This self-care is often overlooked but is the 100% necessary foundation to effective self-care.

In Lesson 1 we go over what I think is the most important, but also most overlooked area of your life that can improve your mental health. The best bit is transformations in this area can literally happen over night!

In Lesson 2 we focus on how what we bring into our body can affect our mind, and *spoiler alert* how things in this area are never as simple as they seem… 

In Lesson 3 we focus on implementing an action that in recent years has received a lot of research showing how much it helps mental health, but it’s also received a lot of backlash that has meant people tend to discount it…

  • By the end of lesson 3 you will have the self-care basics (that are often overlooked and are totally needed to make any other self-care work) completely nailed!

Making implementation possible

There is no point in knowing effective self-care if you can’t implement it, so in lessons 4 to 6 we focus on the actions and systems needed to actually do self-care.

In Lesson 4 we talk about how you might be struggling with implementing the first three lessons, particularly if you don’t have THIS also working for you…  

In Lesson 5 we go over another area of your life that will be halting your progress if it’s not dealt with in an easy and sustainable way – time management! And you’re taught an easy to follow system that means that staying on top of life is no longer a source of stress for you.

In Lesson 6 we discuss the third part of the puzzle that can halt your mental health improvement – how to rest. Because often we give up on things that are actually working, and knowing how and when to rest is the key to not giving up *JUST* before a progress breakthrough is made!

  • By the end of lesson 6 we will have gone over the three most common areas that prevent you from actually implementing and maintaining self-care (and anything else in your life) and how to overcome them!

Taking things up a notch

Now that the self-care basics are covered and implementation is taken care of, it’s time to focus on more “next level” self-care techniques.

In Lesson 7 we focus on something that depression can really take away from you and how to get more of it in your life again, because it is such a key part of a happy and fulfilling life!

In Lesson 8 we talk Marie Kondo and how what she teaches is way more applicable to mental health and recovering from depression that you could ever imagine… 

In Lesson 9 it’s all about having fun. No really! Depression and poor mental health can mean you no longer easily feel enjoyment in things, and it’s so important to get that back! And it’s the “how” we get that back that we focus on in lesson 9.

In Lesson 10 we go over an exercise that is absolutely transformational in how you see your life and how happy your brain is. This week’s learnings are probably my favorite and can create the biggest long term change!

  • By the end of lesson 10 you will have an excellent understanding of the slightly lesser known self-care that is incredibly effective at transforming your mental health for the long term.

Furture-proofing and troubleshooting

These final two lessons are all about making self-care a concrete part of your life going forward (like brushing your teeth!) AND what to do if your happiness isn’t quite where you would like it to be…

In Lesson 11 we actually build our own, personal, and perfectly suited to us daily self-care checklist, which, if you know anything about me, I massively credit to helping me get over depression for good. This way you can bring forward the self-care that works for you and make it easy to continue doing those actions, seeing your happiness keep on improving!

In Lesson 12 we troubleshoot. I hate how you can reach the end of a course but if you haven’t reached your goal you just don’t know what to do next. Well not in this program! This module is designed exclusively to help you work out why you aren’t where you hoped you would be and exactly how to get there. And, even if you have reached your goal, the info in the final module is still so helpful in taking you to the next level, or if your happiness dips again some time in the future…

  • Come away with a daily self-care checklist containing only the self-care you know works for you AND exactly what to do next if your happiness isn’t where you would like it to be, yet…

But That’s Not All…

Because I want you to have the absolute best chance of success with this program there are EXTRAS to help make that happen:

  • Easily access the lessons and anything else associated with the program. 

Bonus #1

You have FULL ACCESS to every live lesson recording for as long as I’m in business (and I don’t plan on going anywhere soon) in the program portal.

And, easy access to all the extras there to help you implement everything taught on this program, which you can download and reuse as many times as you would like…

A one-stop-shop for you to find everything you need to do with this program!

Bonus #2

I get that no one likes homework, but this is nice homework.

Homework designed to help you, NOT judge or grade you.

The printable workbook and weekly worksheets are there to give you an easy path to implementing what you’re learning.

That way you can actually get results.

  • Nice homework that helps you implement what you’re learning.
  • Put your subconscious to good use and permanently change your thoughts to support your new learnings.

Bonus #3: Affirmations Kit

Affirmations have been one of the most powerful things I’ve used to totally transform my mental health and really gain confidence in my self-worth, abilities, and appearance.

But while affirmations themselves are powerful, having them in as many places as possible so they’re constantly reminding you of their important message is incredible!

So each lesson you will receive an affirmation relevant to that week’s teachings as…

  • Wall art
  • Mobile phone background
  • Tablet background
  • Laptop/PC background

Bonus #4

The more we know ourselves the easier it is to create a life we actually like and one that makes our mental health happy… So each lesson you will received a relevant journal prompt relevant and a printable journaling sheet for you to work through that prompt.

These journaling sheets will give you the opportunity to really dive deep and understand your mental health, what triggers it and what soothes it, so you can be more in control of your own happiness. And, help you discover if you have any beliefs or pre-conceived ideas that are stopping you from moving forward as you would like to.

  • Dive deeper into your beliefs and pre-conceived ideas around each lesson’s topic so you can move your mental health forward.

PLUS two bonuses with EVERY LESSON!

These are bonuses that while aren’t mandatory to the program, can really help if you want to go a level deeper! You will get a new version every lesson relevant to that lesson’s teachings.

Get INSTANT access today to…

self-care success program


  • 12-Lessons of Self-Care Success teachings to help you find the self-care that works for you – $197 value
  • Program Portal which will hold the recordings of each live lesson, all downloadables and bonus content – $27 value
  • Printable Accompanying Workbook and Weekly Worksheets – $44 value

PLUS two bonuses!

  • 🎉 Bonus #1: An affirmation relevant to each lesson’s teachings in the form of wall art, mobile phone background, tablet background and laptop/PC background – $36 value
  • 🎉 Bonus #2: Journal prompt and journaling sheet to go deeper on each lesson’s teachings – $36 value

Total Value: $340


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

“I brought the course because I needed to incorporate self care into my life, and it has definitely helped me do that! The lessons themselves are super clear and informative, and it was easy to trial the different actions to find the right self care for me. I loved every second of the course and it has definitely made a difference in my life.”

— Holly
Self-Care Success Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Let me start by saying that I’m so sorry you’re feeling like that. I’ve also been in that place where it feels like you’ve tried everything and yet nothing seems to work, and it’s a horrible place to be. 

Because I’ve been in that exact place and experienced severe depression myself, I would hope that my lived experiences and the fact that I used the exact same systems and actions that are included in this planner to beat depression would mean that this product has a real chance of working for you. 

I haven’t come across any other planner type product that directly combines getting your life organized with mental health awareness and implementing effective self-care. 

Saying that, we are all individuals and as such I can’t promise that just because it helped me and the thousands of people that have brought this planner so far, means that it will definitely help you too. 

However, if this is a place you’re in right now then I would really recommend that you make sure to get the Mental Health Troubleshooting Video Masterclass – What to Do If Self-Care and Medical Professional’s Advice Isn’t Helping to Improve Your Mental Health because I recorded that masterclass to help with the exact problem of when it feels like you’ve tried everything and yet nothing is working.

Yes! While we often only think of improving our mental health when we’re officially diagnosed with something, helping our mental health before we get to that stage or once we’ve recovered and want to maintain our happy mental health is an even better idea.

And the planner can help you do just that!

I no longer have depression, but I still use all of the actions and systems in the planner because they just work at keeping your mental health in a happy place.  

Not at all. This program is meant to accompany all those things, not replace them. 

It’s super important that you see your doctor if you have, or suspect you have depression or another mental health issue BUT what I found was even with a fantastic doctor and a great therapist there were still things I had to do myself for myself to finally overcome depression and bring my mental health where I wanted it. And that’s what this planner helps with.

This program was designed with those things in mind. It only takes a couple of hours max to watch the lesson and implement each week and I made it that way on purpose, so it’s not a huge time or energy suck. 

Saying that, I totally understand the frustration of buying something that’s meant to help with your mental health and then your mental health being the reason you don’t use it. (Been there so many times…) 

I think the most important thing to remember with this program is even just implementing one part of it will help your mental health. So even if you only manage lesson one then so be it, that’s still a fantastic step towards happiness. 

It’s time we stopped viewing those sorts of situations (for example, buying a program and only getting halfway through) as a failure. What about the joy and hope you experienced when purchasing, doesn’t that count for something? Or the knowledge you did learn? Or the actions you did take? 

You have lifetime access to the program! Lifetime access means the lifestime of the program. So as long as I am selling this program, you will have access to it.

Just pop me an email and I will get back to you! 🙂

Now For The Exciting Part…

In ten minutes you could have access to the program can be watching the very first lesson, knowing you’re about to start learning a method that really works to improve and transform mental health.  

In a week you may have completed the first lesson and definitely had your first aha moment that something so simple and obvious could have such a big impact!  

In six week’s time you could be halfway through the program and already noticing huge improvements in your mental health.  

You will be looking after yourself better and getting a good night’s sleep every night. But you will also find that you’re so much more organized and have a new appreciation for how darn great you are (yes all this can be achieved in six weeks, and YES this all has a HUGE impact on your mental health.)  

In 12 week’s time you may well have completed the program and noticing how many more “good days” you’re now having.

Things that used to completely ruin your day and send you into a meltdown (like that nasty coworker saying something spiteful or just having to decide what to eat for dinner) will now be something you cope with, just a blip on your otherwise generally good day.  

You will feel more motivated to do things and won’t have the desire to sleep all hours now the worst of the depression has lifted.

While in a year’s time it can feel like your whole life has changed. You had no idea that those tiny actions would have such an impact on your happiness and mental health.  

Days and days of feeling sad and numb are now a memory rather than your reality.  

You’ve realized the utter importance of looking after yourself, and how easily that can be achieved in a way that doesn’t stop you from living your life.  

And when people ask you how you are, you’re no longer lying when you say good. You mean it now. Life is good again.  

This is the exact self-care that helped me beat depression and find happiness again. 💛  

self-care success program

Discover exactly what self-care is effective for improving mental health, how to know the right self-care for you, and how to implement that self-care without overwhelm or failure…so happiness can become possible for you again.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

“I was dealing with depression anxiety in my personal life when I brought the program, and the lessons and the bonuses were really helpful with this! Thank you for all your support, I really appreciate it.”

— Lainey
Self-Care Success Customer

Disclaimer: The things I suggest have worked amazingly for me and many of my customers, but it’s super important that these things are done in conjunction with working with medical professionals if you suspect any mental health issues. There are things we have to do to help our mental health, but there are also things we need medical professionals to help with.