45 Daily Powerful Positive Affirmations About Beauty

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In a world that often equates beauty with external appearances, it’s imperative to rediscover and celebrate the true essence of beauty that resides within us all.

The transformative power of positive affirmations cannot be understated, especially when it comes to nurturing a healthy perception of beauty and self-worth.

In this inspiring blog post, we dive deep into the heart of beauty, exploring a curated collection of powerful daily affirmations designed to uplift, empower, and remind you of your inherent beauty.

These affirmations go beyond skin-deep, encouraging a holistic embrace of your unique qualities, fostering self-love, and challenging societal norms that confine beauty to a narrow spectrum.

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Join us on this journey of redefining beauty, as we share some positive affirmations that are not just words, but potent tools for change, helping you to see and believe in your own magnificence, every single day.

45 daily positive affirmations about beauty and self-love

Beautiful woman learning Powerful Positive Affirmations About Beauty

Beauty can be both a rewarding and toxic topic. On the positive side, beauty when radiating from the inside out is stunning.

It is a state of being where you have multifaceted alignment in all the ways of living a holistic healthy wealthy life  (To read more about this, check out 8 Areas for Goal Setting to Build a Wealthy Life).

  1. I project beauty and confidence
  2. My clear skin and healthy body are natural results from my natural glow.
  3. I am more beautiful every day.
  4. I was, have and always will be beautiful.
  5. I am beautiful inside and out.
  6. I am kind, humble and I care about others. I have inner beauty.
  7. Inner peace and positivity come with inner beauty. 
  8. I radiate inner beauty.
  9. I see beauty in everything around me.
  10. Happiness is sexy.
  11. The pureness of my heart radiates inner beauty.
  12. My positive outlook makes me attractive.
  13. Every cell in my body and core of my being is beautiful
  14. My positive approach to life makes me even more beautiful
  15. I remain unattached to outcomes in life. I enjoy the journey and find inner peace and beauty.
  16. Enjoying the journey of life without expectations is my goal in self-discovery and finding inner peace
  17. Love grows within me when I see the beauty all around me.
  18. My physical body is as beautiful as my insides
  19. The more I truly love myself and everything around me, the more beautiful I become.
  20. I am as lovely and loving as everyone around me.
  21. Full acceptance of my physical body, the house of my beautiful soul, enables self love and positivity.  
  22. I accept and love myself and what I look like no matter what.  
  23. I accept and don’t fight my negative thoughts and feelings about my body. They pass like a wave in the ocean without judgment of me. Total acceptance brings me peace.  
  24. Total acceptance of me, my physical body, and situations of life bring about inner joy, enjoyment of life’s journey, inner peace and happiness.
  25. My negative thoughts are just that–thoughts passing by like clouds in the sky. I choose nonjudgment, therefore inner peace.
  26. Every part of me right now , n this moment, is perfect and safe.
  27. I radiate inner joy, light and therefore inner beauty.
  28. My kindness, humility and empathy for others allow me to light up goodness and beauty inside of myself and others.
  29. Aging is a reflection of my joyous life’s journey. Every wrinkle is a representation of my amazing life and wisdom.  
  30. I am beautiful no matter what I look like, my age, my size. The most important parts of beauty are my kindness to myself and others, my humility to realize I am just as important as everyone else and my ability to forge deep connections with others.  
  31. Total acceptance of who I am inside and out brings inner peace, happiness, and therefore inner beauty.  
  32. My inner self radiates positive energy into the world.
  33. My inner beauty is the greatest gift.
  34. Seeing the beauty in others is a reflection of my own inner beauty.
  35. My inner beauty inspires positivity in the world.Inner beauty and positive life 
  36. My inner beauty inspires others to see their own.
  37. The effort that I take to care for my physical body, the house for my soul, is a reflection of the love and admiration I hold myself.
  38. The great care I take to hydrate my body through water, to enrich my body with nutrients through eating healthy foods, and to move my body for exercise is a reflection of inner beauty. My beauty is worth seeing and appreciating
  39. My aging process is beautiful.
  40. A commitment to non-judgment of my thoughts is an echo of my inner beauty and life journey.
  41. I radiate light and love as a mirror image of my inner beauty.
  42. My complete self-acceptance makes me beautiful.
  43. I choose to love myself every day
  44. I am beautiful, even with my imperfections
  45. My imperfections are beautiful.

How to use beauty affirmations

Select which affirmation you are drawn to and then, combine breath work with your affirmations practice to maximize the productivity of beauty affirmations.

Use the box-breathing method as the first step. To explain, this breath technique involves inhaling and exhaling through your nose while counting slowly to four and holding your breath in between. To demonstrate:

  • Step 1: Inhale through your nose while counting slowly to four
  • Step 2: Hold your breath while counting slowly to four
  • Step 3: Exhale through your nose while counting slowly to four.
  • Step 4: Repeat the process three times.

This calms your mind and nervous system to prepare the ideal mindset for your subconscious to increase the believability of your affirmations. 

Next, repeat your powerful statements 3 times and practice the process in the morning and evening right before sleep.

At the same time, there is no one best way to use affirmations. The only best way is the one that works you!

Do what works for you in a way that enables you to sustain the activity. Consistency and use on a daily basis are the most important elements to reframe negative thoughts and feelings about beauty and to transform them into positive inner beauty.


What is inner beauty?

Inner beauty essentially means being a good person with a kind heart as a descriptor for your personality and character traits.

Positive thinking and a positive attitude about the best version of ourselves are natural outcomes of inner beauty. Essential elements of inner beauty include:

  • Humility: putting others before yourself or considering yourself as equally important to everyone else no matter their social and economic status or influence.
  • Generosity: giving to others in terms of money, time or skills with a freedom to think of yourself first and what you get out of it.  
  • Honesty: being truthful and sincere in your communication and sharing your perspective, when asked by another, with kindness.
  • Committed: you say what you are going to do. When you make a pledge to another, you carry it out.  
  • Empathetic: You recognize that there are many truths and how you see the world is not how everyone perceives it. Your truth is no less important than another’s and you can step into another person’s experience, emotions, thoughts or attitudes to understand their truth.

How do you know if you have inner beauty?

You can say you have inner beauty when you identify with 3 of these 5 statements:

  • You are satisfied with the way you look and comfortable in your own skin. You accept all of your physical imperfections as gifts because they are there to teach you and to work on in the future. These positive statements are natural thoughts for you.
  • You express who you are on the inside no matter what. There is no “editing” or adapting of how you speak, what you say, or how you come across. You are who you are. You fully accept yourself and you love the whole person unconditionally.
  • You feel how you live your life is exactly where you are meant to be. Yes, you have fear and doubt, but there is no hesitation that your self worth is tied to what you do for work and how you make money. This inner strength is the result of knowing your life purpose and living it.
  • You don’t regret the past nor are you afraid of what may happen in the future. You know that you are a work in progress. The past tragedies served a purpose to help you learn. Had you not experienced them, you would not be the person you are today.
Inner heart with inner beauty

With inner beauty, you recognize that life is a journey and you are making the most of the journey.

You know in your bones and your existence on the most basic cellular level that while you are not the person you want to be yet, you are thrilled you are better than the person you used to be. 

You love yourself unconditionally as a beautiful woman who is a reflection of beautiful things. You believe that you are a beautiful person inside and out, no matter what.

The negative side of beauty is driven by what the media, celebrities, and society “define” is true beauty. The images of beauty that you see on social media by influencers and celebrities is unattainable for most. 

In addition, the constancy of these images reinforces societal belief systems that what you look like is what makes you worthy.

It also reinforces that those of us with low self-esteem are never going to be good enough, worthy enough or attractive enough.

It plays on many of our insecurities, negative self-talk, and negative emotions.

Many of the habits to achieve this level of physical beauty are unhealthy.

These habits include undergoing plastic surgery to achieve the “perfect body” when we cannot afford it or going into debt to pay for injections to gain the perfect look. 

They also include bad eating habits, such as yo-yo dieting, or even worse, eating and mental disorders, such as starving yourself to lose weight and overexercising or body dysmorphia.

Low self-esteem, a lack of confidence and negative body image are unhealthy results of society’s obsession with outer beauty.

At Well and Wealthy, we believe the best type of beauty is inner beauty. When you have it, it beams from the inside out a radiance that most will describe you as beautiful.

But, you don’t need to be known by others to be judged as beautiful.  You just are.

Inner beauty qualities

Why inner beauty is important 

Inner beauty is often described as luminescent. It allows us to appreciate the abundance of our experiences and the richness of our environment using all of our senses at the same time.

Indeed, it can only enhance our lives, mental health, and presence. 

Physical beauty is often a synonym for how attractive one person is from another’s perspective. It creates a lasting belief that is powerful. In fact, we assume many things about a person based on their physical allure.

These include intelligence, social status, and success that have no basis in truth. It is a very shallow way of analyzing one’s worth.

On the other hand, inner beauty enables us to create deep connections with others because it is a journey of discovery to get to know someone below the surface.

Having inner beauty comes as internal peace and wisdom stemming from the subconscious mind. that is hard to describe in words.  

There is a universal acceptance and deep love within us on where we are in life, what we look like, and the journey life has taken us on.

In addition, having inner peace means that we are entirely accepting of our thoughts and feelings and how they influence our belief system as they occur.  

With this, we are in full recognition of our perception of reality as it happens because we have a profound inner knowing of ourselves and do not have expectations about how life “should be.”

How positive thoughts result from inner beauty 

With inner beauty comes a positive perspective from a helpful inner dialogue and kind thoughts. It can be difficult to maintain positive thoughts.

But, inner beauty does not mandate having positive thoughts all of the time.

In fact, negative feelings and negative thinking are part of being human.

It means that we are in tune with thoughts as part of our natural state with an instantaneous conscious choice to allow them to pass without judgment that a thought or feeling is not positive or negative.  It just is.

When we don’t attach an emotion to a negative thought and remain neutral to it, we have the ability to let it pass and observe its passing with a “Huh, that was a crazy thought…” type of response with the wisdom of full conscious acknowledgment and no expectations.

When we remain neutral without having beliefs about what should happen, amazing things occur.

We experience situations, which used to trigger negative emotions, unattached and withholding judgment about if a situation is good or bad. 

When we judge a situation as positive or negative, we lose the ability to be in full acceptance. We seek to control things when judgment is placed on how life should be.

When our expectations are not met, we are in fear with an underlying cause of not getting what we want. In other words, having expectations.  

Having inner beauty is staying present to the voice of the heart. To do this, there is a consistent checking in within our being as we observe emotions and feelings.

In most cases, when we don’t like these emotions are feelings, we are sitting in fear. Essentially, fear robs us of momentary full presence, inner peace, and beauty.  

How Can We Accept Ourselves For Our Individual Beauty?

Most of us have experienced fear of the aging process of our physical appearance with wrinkles. The fears of getting old are rooted in an attachment of how we look and expectation of how we “should” look at some age.  

When there is radical acceptance within ourselves, we accept the fact that we will have wrinkles.

We might even appreciate them because they are from a beautiful life full of ups and downs that we had the opportunity to learn from. 

Inner peace manifests from this enjoyment of the journey of life. Body positivity along with self-confidence and healthy self-esteem are natural results of inner beauty.

Of course, there are things that we can do to care for our physical bodies and appreciate the process of doing so. Indeed, our physical bodies house our souls. 

Giving time and attention to our bodies through drinking water, eating high-quality nourishing foods and consistent exercise to optimize their function.

We can stand in awe of the impact of these habits, not because we see results that we like but because we love all part of ourselves from the inside out.

45 Daily Powerful Positive Affirmations About Beauty – Conclusion

In embracing the power of positive affirmations, we choose to step into a light of self-acceptance, love, and genuine beauty that radiates from within. These daily powerful statements are more than just words; they are affirmations of our inherent worth, reminders of our inner grace, and catalysts for transformative self-love.

As we conclude this journey through beauty affirmations, remember that your beauty transcends external appearances—it is a reflection of your strength, your kindness, and your unique essence.

Carry these affirmations with you, let them resonate in your heart, and watch as they contribute to a more confident, radiant, and beautiful you.

In the words of the late Audrey Hepburn, “The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.”

Let your light shine, embrace your beauty, and believe in the power of positivity to transform your perception of yourself and the world around you.

We love the inner beauty radiating from the inside out by putting effort into caring for the physical house of our souls.

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