33 Positive Affirmations For Work: Confidence, Performance

Positive Affirmations to Spur Confidence and Performance at Work

Is your job driving you mad? Try these positive affirmations at work to help get you in a better mindset to manage the stress. At least to help you stay calm until you can quit your career.

Here at Well and Wealthy we share wellness tips to help you manage depression, anxiety and become happy.

Well, the biggest thing that worked for me to regain my happiness was to quit my career and work for myself.

But if you aren’t ready to quit the workforce yet, these positive affirmations can help you feel confident at work.

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33 Positive Affirmations For Work To Spur Confidence and Performance

Affirmations are typically used to disrupt negative thoughts and create a more positive mindset.

They are daily positive statements used to improve mental health and address low self-esteem. Repeated over and over, daily affirmations are a great way to create positive change.

They can also be a powerful tool to improve confidence at work, create a positive attitude around a difficult work situation and/or achieve a career goal. When used as part of a daily routine, good things can result and positive thoughts can emerge around challenging times at work.

How powerful affirmations enable work confidence success

Over the course of a decades-long career, there will be stressful times. These times can sour your outlook of your job or work.

In addition, you will experience new professional challenges that can temporarily decrease your confidence in your ability to overcome the challenge. Fear of failure is a natural reaction during these periods of time.

At the same time, you will encounter people that are difficult to work with. Some could threaten to detail career progression if they have a role in your performance evaluation. Not knowing what to do can trigger negative thoughts spurring additional stress and fear.

Repeating present tense statements about work situations as positive mantras are excellent actions to take to interrupt the rumination of inner negativity. The disruptions give you something else to focus on. In addition the act of intervening the process of negative thought habits prevents them from spiraling out of control.  

The mind processes concepts in pictures. Affirmations activate the same places in the brain that react to situations of pleasure, such as eating a delicious dessert. These areas, also referred to as reward centers, connect with brain activity involving processing information about yourself. Using powerful positive affirmations increases activity in these reward centers. Expansions in positivity act as a buffer to negativity, pain or fear-based information.

Positive Affirmations to Spur Confidence and Performance at Work

Consistent and repeated use of affirmations builds up a reserve of positivity. The higher the positive “reserve” the less impact of negative self-talk because you maintain the right mindset to deal with adversity.

Affirmations help you feel more powerful and more in control. For example, let’s use speaking in a group setting at work.  Some experience anxiety, while others experience adrenaline. We feel these sensations. 

The key is to allow yourself to feel sensations and not be afraid to feel them.  It is important to recognize the anxious feelings and to understand why they happen. Reacting this way is a natural human sensation. 

We have these stories from childhood and stories that we have inherited from the external world.  We have attached them to our own sense of self-worth.  We need to dismantle that.

Affirmations are a tool to dismantle the attachment of our self-worth from these inherited stories or those that we picked up in childhood. 

The goals is to increase your comfort tangibly because confidence only comes when you feel comfortable, When you can find comfort within ourselves, you can actually feel safe. 

Affirmations can transform the anxiety into attention by taking the distractions you feel everyday into presence. 

You cannot think our way out of the anxiety.  You have anxiety that ranges from physiological sensations, all the way to racing thoughts and emotional shutdown.

If you try to think our way out of it, you will wind up back in that anxiety loop.

Instead, we begin with very physical, tangible, tools, such as affirmations to bring the unconscious behaviors, which lead to unconscious thinking and unconscious communication, to the conscious.  

You take your consciousness back by making tangible physical choices in the moment  You actually engender more conscious communication through conscious thought. 

Positive Affirmations to Spur Confidence and Performance at Work

33 powerful affirmations to build work confidence and successful outcomes

  1. I am. a high performer.
  2. I am mentally strong at work.
  3. I have everything it takes to earn a promotion.
  4. I seek work that challenges me.
  5. I have the power to reach my professional goals. I am confident at work.
  6. I deserve a promotion.
  7. I seek professional growth I am confident in my abilities.
  8. I deserve everything I want at work. I have the power to achieve everything that I want.
  9. I am a curious and confident learner.
  10. Mistakes are not failures.
  11. They are learning opportunities.
  12. I value my contributions.
  13. I am shamelessly ambitious.\
  14. I am the success story at work.
  15. I am able to perform under pressure.
  16. I communicate my ambitions with confidence.
  17. I share my thoughts clearly and confidently.
  18. I am powerful at work.
  19. I produce powerful results under pressure.
  20. I have everything I need to succeed.
  21. I am fearless. 
  22. I am facing my fears.
  23. I am motivated to achieve my goals.
  24. I transform challenges into opportunities.
  25. I am a life-long learner.
  26. I am comfortable asking for help.
  27. I transform lives in my work.
  28. I infuse purpose with everything I do at work.
  29. I am powerful beyond measure at work.
  30. I am filled with passion at work.
  31. I amplify positivity at work.
  32. I am joyful at work.
Positive Affirmations to Spur Confidence and Performance at Work

How to use affirmations for work

  • Step 1: Focus on an outcome that you desire at work

One of the most important elements about affirmations is that they ideally are specific to a particular work situation.

For example, if you find yourself getting very nervous speaking up in meetings where senior people are present, the affirmation, “I share my thoughts clearly and confidently,” might be a good affirmation as an internal pep talk to build confidence.

If you are struggling to have the confidence to ask your manager what it takes for you to earn a promotion or to share with your manager that you are interested in applying for a new role on the team, “I communicate my ambitions with confidence,” or “I produce powerful results under pressure.” might be two good options for shifting negative beliefs to positive ones..

 If you are struggling with a particularly stressful situation or finding it hard to work with someone that you don’t jive with, repeating, “I am mentally strong at work” can help to deal with the situational tension.

Producing great outcomes at work is achieved by repetition, which is the super power of affirmations. These outcomes include increasingly being okay with getting out your comfort zone  or having greater courage to do hard things. The gift of affirmations is that we get closer to becoming the best version of ourselves at work.

Building confidence with affirmations has a multiplier effect on professional life. Things that we once viewed as impossible become possible and then, with each professional success, the possibility of positivity emerging becomes second nature. The confidence boost combined with a positive self worth allows us to embrace our best self as a strong individual reaching our full potential.

  • Step 2: Choose a statement that you connect with

Next, choose an affirmation that resonates with you and produces a strong physiological and emotional response to the outcome you desire. As you read through the ones in this article, none of them at first may speak to you.  

Be sure to avoid picking an affirmation that you don’t believe in. It will waste time.  

 For example, say you were extremely nervous about proactively discussing your career with your manager because you struggle with how to advocate for yourself and with the confidence to communicate how you deserve a promotion.  

If the anxiety is more about communicating, then it makes sense to focus on communicating clearly with confidence first.  

While a great affirmation might be, “I communicate my ambitions with confidence,” if you cannot believe it, it won’t work. In this case, it is better to pick an affirmation emphasizing communication like, “I share my thoughts clearly and confidently,” first for a bit then add in the part about the promotion or ambition later.

Now, I can see how leaving about the part about the promotion at first does not make sense. But, the part you want to start focusing on is communicating with confidence. If previous attempts in these types of conversations wound up with your nerves getting the best of you with avoidance of bringing it up or feeling like you lost your train of thought because of anxiety during the course of the dialogue, then, your likely to have negative self talk such as

“You are such a failure. You cannot speak confidently about what you deserve. You don’t deserve a promotion because you can’t even communicate clearly…and on and on…” 

You want to shift the negativity of these thoughts to positive. Sometimes, an incremental approach works better.because its “believability” is not such a stretch in addressing challenging situations.

  • Step 3: Use an affirmation in a way that works for you

 If you have never used affirmations, the first few times will feel weird. Imposter syndrome is a common reaction. The important thing is to work through it and to do your own research on what works for you.

Some people prefer to say their affirmations out loud, while others enjoy writing them down. At the same time, some individuals like to meditate on them, while some will use a combination.

 At Well and Wealthy, we like to use a combination of breath-work and meditation. For the first step, we recommend the box-breathing method, which is a breath technique where you inhale and exhale through your nose while counting slowly to four and holding your breath in between. To demonstrate:

  • Step 1: Inhale while counting slowly to four
  • Step 2: Hold your breath while counting slowly to four
  • Step 3: Exhale through your nose while counting slowly to four.
  • Step 4: Repeat the process three times.

 After box-breathing, repeat your powerful statements 3 times. Do this in the morning and evening right before sleep.

We like this way because using your breath calms the mind and nervous system. It is a way to slow down the mind to make it more open to receiving the positive words about the situation that the affirmation is targeting.  

 There is no one best way to use affirmations. The only best way is the one that works you!

 Do whatever works for you in a way that enables you to sustain the activity. Consistency and use on a daily basis are the most important elements to transform stressful situations and to achieve the best results professionally.

Positive Affirmations to Spur Confidence and Performance at Work

33 Positive Affirmations For Work To Spur Confidence and Performance – Conclusion

It takes some of us a long time to get to a place where we are open to affirmations. Doubters eventually come to emerge as believers in affirmations.  

Some might think affirmations are ridiculous. But, life has a way of opening you up to things that just a few short months or years ago, you would never consider.

Well now, we are believers because we have direct experience in the power of using professional affirmations. Well and Wealthy is the direct result of a consistent and repeatable affirmations practice.

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