110 Positive Self-Love Affirmations to Cultivate Self-Appreciation

Positive Self-Love Affirmations to Cultivate Self-Appreciation

If you’ve been struggling with self-love, self-worth, low self-esteem, and acceptance, please remember that what you are experiencing right now is totally normal.

Most people have experienced or are experiencing this right now, especially with what’s happening in the world, so you are definitely NOT the only one!

The relationship you have with yourself is the most complicated because you can’t walk away from yourself. You have to forgive every mistake. You have to deal with every flaw. You have to find a way to love yourself even when you’re disgusted with yourself.

This is where positive affirmations for self-love and self-worth come in handy!

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But why do we fail to practice self-love?

If you don’t know already, our brain just LOVES to overthink.

It is said that the average human mind has around 6,200(1) thoughts per day. Almost 95% of them are repetitive and almost 80(!)% of them are negative. Mind-blowing, huh?

Do you ever catch yourself saying things like:

  • “I’m not good enough”,
  • “There is no way I can do that”,
  • “I don’t deserve this”,
  • “I don’t think I’ll ever…”
  • or “I am not smart enough”?

I know I’m guilty of this…

It’s crazy because we don’t go around judging if others deserve love or not, but we’re so hard on ourselves. Logically, self-love or at the very least neutrality should be the default, but it isn’t.

Some people find it easier to practice self-love than others, but the fact that you have to give yourself love consciously is wild.

There are several reasons why someone may struggle with self-love and self-acceptance. They are shown in the infographic down below:

Self-love affirmations might be exactly what you’re looking for right now to boost your self-esteem.

The more you practice them, the more your self-esteem improves.

And with higher self-esteem, life just gets better exponentially!

How To Use Positive Affirmations For Self-Love And Self-Worth.

First of all, you have to understand this.

You can go to the gym every single day, drink your water, and take your vitamins, but if you don’t deal with the things going on inside your heart and head, you’re still going to be unhealthy and unhappy.

We are led to believe that happiness is about what is on the outside, but as someone who battles with myself every day… I really wish we had been taught mental well-being growing up and not just physical.

There are a few different ways to use positive affirmations.

My personal favorite is to practice affirmations in the morning. I find that it sets me up with a positive mindset to tackle the day.

Of course, you don’t have to repeat all 110 of them.

These are suggestions and what has worked for me personally. Pick a few that hit home and resonate with you, and repeat them daily.

Preferably at the start and the end of your day.

At first, it will definitely feel like lying to yourself for sure. But eventually, through repetition, you’ll start to believe in them.

Keep in mind that progress doesn’t happen overnight.

You’ve probably talked negatively to yourself for a very long time, so it takes some time to rewire your brain into loving thoughts.

Just keep up with it, be consistent, and you’ll see tremendous results.

I promise.

110 Self-Love Affirmations to Build Your Self-Worth.

It’s not always easy to love ourselves, but it’s so important that we do.

Self-love affirmations can help us to shift our mindset and start thinking more positively about ourselves.

By repeating these affirmations on a daily basis, we can begin to believe them and make them a part of our reality.

Here are some examples of self-love affirmations that you can use:

  1. I may have some issues with my past self but he/she was young and I forgive him/her.
  2. I deeply love and appreciate myself just as I am.
  3. I am beautiful and strong.
  4. Life treats me well and I treat myself well.
  5. I am worthy of my desires.
  6. I am filled with gratitude for who I am.
  7. I have unique talents that the world needs.
  8. I am worthy of love and prosperity.
  9. I bring light to those around me.
  10. I am proud of myself for all that I have accomplished.
  11. I am now creating the life that I want.
  12. I have enough.
  13. I am enough.
  14. I do enough.
  15. I believe in myself and my ability to succeed.
  16. I believe in my own magic and the difference that I make in this world.
  17. I will always take good care of myself.
  18. I deserve new positive and exciting experiences.
  19. I am worthy of being loved, cherished, and celebrated.
  20. I am full of potential and I have so much to offer to the world.
  21. My life is full of abundance and happiness.
  22. I attract wonderful people and opportunities into my life
  23. I am living to my fullest potential.
  24. I deserve all that is good.
  25. My voice is valuable and my opinion matters.
  26. I radiate confidence, self-respect, and inner harmony.
  27. I am wise and humble.
  28. I am truly a beautiful soul.
  29. I am an amazing person.
  30. I have an amazing personality that others are drawn to.
  31. I love myself.
  32. I respect myself.
  33. I am kind.
  34. I am generous.
  35. I am loving.
  36. I am caring.
  37. I am a very positive person.
  38. I look at and seek the world with optimism.
  39. I care about myself.
  40. I care about my body.
  41. I am becoming a better person each day.
  42. I have wonderful qualities that others love and admire.
  43. I follow my dreams in life.
  44. I do the things that bring me joy.
  45. I follow my bliss.
  46. I allow new and wonderful opportunities to open up for me.
  47. I attract other positive people.
  48. I speak only of things I like.
  49. I appreciate my life.
  50. I love my body and all it does for me.
  51. I am beautiful from the inside out.
  52. I appreciate all of the wonderful gifts I receive each day.
  53. I am open to leaving an amazing life.
  54. I am in control of my thoughts.
  55. I am choosing to think more positive thoughts.
  56. My thoughts are powerful.
  57. My thoughts create my life.
  58. I am choosing thoughts of abundance.
  59. I let go of any negative self-talk.
  60. I am so proud of who I am at this moment.
  61. I am whole and worthy exactly as I am.
  62. I am safe in this place.
  63. My worth is not attached to what I do.
  64. I am a good, confident person.
  65. Today, I choose myself.
  66. I am worthy of love.
  67. I am special.
  68. I am the only me on the planet.
  69. I respect my boundaries.
  70. I listen to my body.
  71. I am worthy of respect and appreciation.
  72. I am worthy of success.
  73. I know and value my worth.
  74. I am beautiful in all ways.
  75. I release negativity.
  76. I fill my mind with positive thoughts.
  77. I am comfortable in my own skin.
  78. I like the person I am becoming.
  79. I enjoy my own company.
  80. I am deserving of love.
  81. I am complete.
  82. I am forgiving myself for past mistakes.
  83. I’m also forgiving myself for the mistakes I’ll make in the future.
  84. I am creating a better me.
  85. I am being easier on myself and others.
  86. I am growing each day.
  87. I am proud of myself.
  88. I validate myself on a daily basis.
  89. I have an attractive mind, body, and spirit.
  90. I do my best every day.
  91. I accept and embrace myself for who I am.
  92. I am worthy of seeing myself as beautiful and successful.
  93. I do not let my fears hold me back.
  94. I deal with what life throws at me.
  95. I have the inner strength to face life head-on.
  96. I have the power to change my own story.
  97. Each day I focus on my inner strength.
  98. The only approval I need is my own.
  99. I believe in myself.
  100. I am important to me.
  101. I am good enough.
  102. My feelings matter.
  103. I do not need validation from others.
  104. My mistakes don’t define me.
  105. I am allowed to say no.
  106. I am doing a great job.
  107. I deserve to be earned.
  108. I am brave, bold, and strong.
  109. I release all doubts and insecurities about myself.
  110. I love myself.

The more you remind yourself of how incredible you are, the easier it will be to believe it.

Soon, self-love will become second nature. And when you love yourself, everything else falls into place. You’ll be happier, healthier, and more successful in every area of your life.

So start today – say those affirmations out loud, and mean them with all your heart. You deserve all the love in the world…including your own!

You spend most of your life inside your head… Make it a nice place to be in.

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Final Thoughts

Falling in love with oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance

– Oscar Wilde

Disconnecting from others to connect with yourself is the highest form of self-love.

So, make it a challenge for you to repeat these self-love affirmations daily because you deserve it.

You deserve to feel loved, respected and cared for. You have a right to be here, and no one can ever take away your self-worth.

Are you going to try and practice these positive affirmations for self-love? If so, what’s your pick?

Tell me your favorite self-love affirmations down below!

I hope someone finds this post useful.

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