45 Neville Goddard Affirmations for Manifesting Your Desires

Neville Goddard Affirmations for Manifesting your Desires

Affirmations are practiced by repeating positive phrases and statements to oneself.

The goal is to persuade your subconscious mind that what you want in life is already true about you so that it starts working for you rather than against you.

The Neville Goddard affirmations take this concept a step further by suggesting that we not only repeat our desired outcome but also imagine ourselves in the experience as if it were real.

This can be accomplished through guided meditation or simple visualization techniques, such as those taught by Neville in his lectures and books.

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So, allow these Neville Goddard affirmations to bring you prosperity and success.

Repeat these to yourself on a daily basis, and you will notice a difference in your mindset, actions, and life.

How to Use Neville Goddard Affirmations

Neville Goddard said that “words are the most powerful instrument for creating and shaping our future.”

The Law of Assumption states that, whatever you assume to be true, will manifest as your reality.

All you need to do is say something out loud, with conviction. If you want a better life, make it happen by saying affirmations every day.

Here’s how to use Neville Goddard’s affirmations to manifest anything you want:

1. You have a clear idea of what you want.

2. You focus on your breath while in a deep state of relaxation. It doesn’t matter if you do this in the shower or in bed before going to sleep.

The only thing that matters is that you fall into a drowsy state in which your senses are shut down to your current surroundings. But don’t force it; instead, allow it to come to you naturally.

Simply unwind.

3. You repeat any sentence/affirmation that implies that your desire has been fulfilled. Do it for a maximum of 5 minutes per affirmation.

4. Important: You do not repeat affirmations to GET what you want; rather, you do so to FEEL the NATURALNESS of your wish being fulfilled!

Let’s get right in!

Neville Goddard Affirmations

  1. I have a lavish, steady, dependable income, consistent with integrity and mutual benefit.
  2. I am a powerful, positive individual and all events on this day are for my highest good.
  3. This day is a day of balance.
  4. I feel so good and excited that my wish is already fulfilled.
  5. I am completely aware of my body and all its needs.
  6. What I am is eternal, immortal, universal, and infinite. I see only beauty and strength in every moment of my life.
  7. I am proud of myself.
  8. I see only beauty in all the people who are pulled to me, and what I am strengthens and refreshes what they are.
  9. What I am is infinite. I do not judge the evolution of others. What they are right now is for their highest good.
  10. If I can feel it, I can make it happen.
  11. What I desire is already present in my reality.
  12. I am open at all times to communication for my inner self and that communication leads to my highest evolution.
  13. I give thanks for the beauty of this day, and may the energy of this night bring rebuilding and review. So be it.
  14. Today I walk with the assumption of my wish fulfilled.
  15. I live in the end and already have what I desire because it is mine by divine right.
  16. I am a winner.
  17. I can create anything I want by imagining that my wish has already been fulfilled.
  18. I love to think about my wish fulfilled throughout the day.
  19. I am a powerful creator.
  20. I have the ability to create the life I desire.
  21. I feel so good and excited that my desire is here now.
  22. My world is being created for me today and tomorrow by the thoughts I have and the words I speak.
  23. Today, I choose to focus entirely on the positive, praising and thanking everything I see, hear, feel, and experience.
  24. I have everything I need.
  25. The only limitations in life are those that exist in my own mind; nothing can stop me now.
  26. I can change my mind at any time about anything, including my body’s health.
  27. My thoughts are creative and powerful, and my world is what I choose to make it.
  28. All power is mine to use now.
  29. I am a part of the Infinite and Eternal One.
  30. I can easily attract whatever I want.
  31. As I think, so shall it be; as I believe, so shall it be; as I imagine, so shall it be revealed to me.
  32. My own thoughts are reflected back to me by the world around me.
  33. Whatever the mind can imagine and believe it can accomplish.
  34. I assume the state of my wish fulfilled, and persist in that state and it feels incredible.
  35. Life loves me unconditionally, and so do all the people in it.
  36. All is well in my world.
  37. I am grateful for all the amazing things I have in my life.
  38. Each action I take this day is an expression of the God-force. Therefore, each action I take is a part of my infinite creativity.
  39. There is no real sin, only energy. I follow the energy of my highest evolution at all times, and so be it.
  40. I am positive today and I feel so amazing positive feelings of love and gratitude.
  41. I assume, and I receive.
  42. I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul.
  43. There is no power greater than myself within or without me.
  44. My thoughts are creative forces.
  45. I can create anything in my imagination and make it real.

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45 Neville Goddard Affirmations for Manifesting your Desires – Conclusion

Affirmations by Neville Goddard are a great way to start the day.

When you read your affirmation, he says, it’s as if you’ve already received what you want in life.

Affirmations can be used at any time of day and do not require any external circumstances to work; all that is required is an active imagination.

So, why not try these positive thoughts first thing in the morning tomorrow?

We understand how hectic mornings can be, but this small change could have a big impact on how you feel the rest of the day!

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