Which Neville Goddard Book Should You Read First?

How To Know Which Neville Goddard Book Should You Read First

If you’re new to Neville Goddard, you might be surprised to learn that he’s written a number of books.

Neville Goddard is without a doubt one of the most influential teachers of the Law of Attraction of all time.

He was an expert at taking a complex subject and breaking it down into simple, actionable concepts, hence The Law of Assumption.

But with so many books available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the information. This frequently leads to people wondering which book to begin with.

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I was in exactly the same situation as you.

After some research, I discovered the best book to start your journey to understanding Neville Goddard’s teachings.

The first book you should read by Neville Goddard is “The Law and the Promise” followed by “The Power of Awareness“.

Both these books are excellent examples of what a fine teacher Neville was.

So, let’s take a closer look at which books are the best to read first and why.

Which Neville Goddard Book to Read First?

Many of his books contain a lot of biblical references and interpretations, which can be confusing or off-putting to some readers.

Some of his books can also be difficult to digest at first, whereas others are easier to follow and more concise and clear.

So, starting with the right books can make the entire journey a little easier.

Here are the three best Neville Goddard books to start with.

1. The Law and the Promise

One of the best Neville Goddard books to start with is The Law and The Promise.

I recommend this book because it contains many success stories and practical how-tos.

The Law and the Promise is a collection of enjoyable success stories told by people who used Neville’s technique to manifest their desires through their creative imagination.

Each story is preceded by a brief introduction by Neville.

The Law and The Promise is a straightforward, easy read. It shows how to “move mountains,” one of Jesus’ teachings that had always perplexed me.

Keep an open mind as you read it. Reading it with an open heart is the best way to approach it.

And, if you decide to put the Law into action, keep a journal of what you have imagined.

Without a journal or diary, you may not be able to see the connection between the Law and the Outcomes.

2. The Power of Awareness

The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard taps into something that can only be experienced.

Neville tells you exactly what you need to do to create the reality you desire. That is why I recommend reading it after reading The Law and the Promise.

Instead of getting you all excited about making a change and then leaving you hanging on how to do it, he makes it very simple to follow.

This book walks you through the process step by step. Take your time, read it once, twice, three times…whatever it takes, but read it.

No other writer has ever explained how to connect to my inner and higher spirit with such childlike simplicity.

While the book does have many Christian biblical implications, it does not promote religion.

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3. Feeling is the Secret

Feeling is The Secret is without a doubt one of my favorite books.

This book covers Neville’s teachings and techniques in a very concise and straightforward manner.

Though I had always read about personal power, wellness, and prosperity, I had never heard any other writer emphasize the importance of FEELING what you want to attract rather than just thinking about success all day.

Because everything is explained in basic terms, you’ll find it much easier to grasp the underlying mechanics.

This book will teach you how the subconscious mind works and how to manifest more effectively.

It discusses a few fundamental principles that anyone interested in manifesting should understand: the law, sleep, prayer, and spirit feeling.

In What Order Should I Read Neville Goddard’s Works?

I would personally advise you to read Neville’s books in this order:

  1. The Law and the Promise
  2. The Power of Awareness
  3. Feeling is The Secret
  4. Prayer: The Art of Believing.
  5. At Your Command.
  6. Out Of This World.
  7. The Search.
  8. Your Faith is Your Fortune,
  9. Awakened Imagination.
  10. He Breaks the Shell.
  11. Resurrection.
  12. The Creative Use of Imagination.
  13. Seedtime and Harvest.
  14. He Dreams in Me.
  15. I know my father.

But, you can also read the books in the exact order in which he wrote them.

Some readers prefer this way because Neville was becoming more clear over the years, and perhaps it’s easier to understand him and his evolution of thought this way.

  • “At Your Command.” 1939
  • “Your Faith is Your Fortune.” 1941
  • “Feeling is the Secret.” 1944
  • “Prayer: The Art of Believing.” 1945
  • “The Search.” 1946
  • “The Power of Awareness.” 1952
  • “Awakened Imagination.” 1954
  • “The Creative Use of Imagination.” 1952
  • “Seedtime and Harvest.” 1956
  • “He Dreams in Me.”
  • “I know my father.” 1960
  • “Law and the Promise.” 1961
  • “He Breaks the Shell.” 1964
  • “Resurrection.” 1966

Which Neville Goddard Book Should You Read – Final Thoughts

The teachings of Neville Goddard have had an incredible impact. Many people have used his techniques to successfully manifest whatever they desire in their lives.

However, in his books, he mentions a lot of biblical material, which may turn off some new readers.

To summarize, the following are the three best books by Neville Goddard that you should read first:

  • The Law and the Promise.
  • The Power of Awareness.
  • Feeling is the Secret.

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