33 Positive Affirmations for Depression [Transform Your Mental Health and Life]

Positive Affirmations for Depression

If you’ve been in the self-help, self-care or mental health space for any length of time you will have heard of affirmations.

And while they can sound a bit lame (random sentences you repeat to yourself…)

They are a great way to make positive changes because they are positive statements to help you achieve your goals.

When depression is at it’s worst it is far too easy to get stuck inside your head ruminating on all the negatives that your brain is throwing at you.

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But self love affirmations give you a way out.   They helped to transform your mind with a positive mindset.

Something to focus on that wasn’t sadness or overwhelming. 

These statements become self care affirmations that give you something to grab onto, like a life raft in a sea of blackness. 

Which is why we wrote this post for you, so we can offer you a liferaft when you need it most. 

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Get the exact daily self-care routine many have used to beat depression for good, so you never have to feel like your mental health is controlling you and your life again…

Because you can improve your mental health and happiness with just a couple of simple tweaks to your day — even if doing day-to-day tasks like cooking dinner seems impossible right now.

But it’s those simple tweaks that are precisely what you’ll learn when you download the daily self-care checklist that will assist you in overcoming depression. Good things and your best life are possible.

Look though, we get it.

You have tried everything under the sun to beat your depression. At the same time, what do you have to lose? Self-care affirmations are a powerful tool to create positive thoughts and positive energy.

Just click the button below to grab your copy and get ready to take back control of your mental health, so you can wake up each morning with a smile on your face feeling worthy of love (or at least not drenched in a sea of panic, overwhelm and sadness like you’re currently feeling…)

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