What to Do on a Lazy Day – 14 Ideas

What to Do on a Lazy Day - 14 Best Things to Do

It’s good to have a lazy day from time to time. These lazy, casual days are great for resting our bodies and minds so we can reduce stress levels, catch up on sleep, maintain positive mental health and refresh our spirits. 

Lazy days can be terrific, but they can become frustrating when there’s nothing to do, or when trying to avoid stress-enhancing entertainment like TV, social media, and the internet. 

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at what to do on a lazy day. If you want to rest thoroughly without feeling bored or becoming agitated at home, check out this guide!  

What to Do on a Lazy Day

Most of us spend lazy days in front of the TV, on our phones and tablets, and in bed.

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It can be fun to do this for a couple hours, or even a full day. But spending too much time on the internet, in front of the TV, or in bed will undoubtedly make you feel grouchy and irritable, and can even leave you feeling even more tired, or with a terrible headache.

There are lots of better and healthier ways to spend your lazy day. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the best low-impact activities to enjoy on those days off when you just want to relax and unwind. 

1. Pamper Yourself

woman soaking the bathub

This is probably one of the best things you can do on a day off from work or whenever you feel bored. Self-care is very important because it boosts mental health and confidence. 

There are lots of great ways to pamper yourself at home if you’re on a tight budget. But you can also go and visit a spa on your day off to get a professional treatment. 

Here’s a quick look at some of the best self-pampering treatments to give your body if you want to get rid of some stress or improve your skin.

1.1. Soak in the Tub

Soaking in a bubble bath with a glass of wine or a fine-tasting hot chocolate is one of the best lazy day activities to enjoy when it’s chilly outside. And no, you don’t have to wait until evening to enjoy a soak in the tub. It’s your lazy day and you make the rules. So, go ahead and soak up some heat any time of the day!

To make your soak in the hot bath even more enjoyable, we recommend adding some bath salts or milk to the water. These, along with a couple of aromatic candles, will soothe your spirit in no time at all and can help combat some skin conditions. 

1.2. Get A Makeover

Getting a mini-makeover is adventurous yet relaxing. Go ahead and book a session with your hairstylist or a nail technician. It’s lots of fun to get a new haircut or to try a new hair color. You can also get a pedicure or manicure for an instant boost of confidence.

1.3. Get a Massage

Massages are always soothing and great for easing the tension that has built up after enduring so much work stress. Book a quick 45-minute massage at your local spa and you’ll walk out refreshed and pain-free.

1.4. Do a Face Mask

Radiant skin makes everyone feel a lot better. Face masks are always fun and can be done at home in your pajamas. Stock up on some home face mask kits when you visit the store or whip up your own face mask and treat your skin on any days off.

2. Catch Up on Crafts and Hobbies

woman making scapbook

Most people who enjoy crafting or other hobbies hardly ever have the time for these activities. Your day off at home is a great opportunity to get back to these hobbies. 

Make time for painting, paper crafting, origami, adult coloring books, model building, and scrapbooking. They’re all very relaxing, can boost brain function, and can be a great pastime for your day off. These activities will also stimulate your senses and can make you feel much more fulfilled. 

3. Bake Something

If you love baking or if you want to learn to cook, your day off is a perfect occasion for this. It’s a lot of fun to try a new recipe and, when you’re done baking, you’ll have a delicious treat you can share with family and friends.  

4. Read a Book

reading book in couch

We highly recommend you awaken that inner bookworm on your day off from work. Reading can be very rewarding, and there are so many great books from terrific authors to enjoy. For your lazy day, skip out on anything academic and focus on something relaxing and soothing. Check out a romantic novel, a fun thriller, or the latest fiction bestsellers. 

The best thing about reading is that you can enjoy it anywhere. You can read inside your bedroom, in the garden, on the go, or while you’re out camping. 

5. Visit Friends

visiting a friend

Lazy days are best spent with friends who you enjoy spending time with. This is a good day to have a barbecue at someone’s poolside – if it’s hot out – or to enjoy a karaoke fest at home. 

A poker night, board game evening, picnic, or even visiting a local club with friends are all good options to help you forget your worries. You can have fun while catching up with important people in your life.  

6. Practice Self-Love Habits

self love

Days off are the best to work on improving your mental health. It’s good to practice some self-love habits on this day. Self-love can give you a boost in confidence. It can also help you overcome some of those ghosts in the past that might still be haunting you. 

Take some time today to write down things that you can be grateful for, things that you love about yourself, or things that make you feel better when you’re down. 

You can also take some time to do research on mental health conditions like anxiety or depression that you might have been struggling with. Find out more about the latest treatments for these conditions.  

7. Have a Movie Marathon

movie marathon

Enjoying a few movies is a great pastime when you’re feeling under the weather, or when you just don’t have energy for physical activity. A lot of families view movie nights as a perfect occasion to spend quality time together. On these days, it’s best to just go to the family room, pop some popcorn, and enjoy a movie marathon for all of those classics you’ve been dying to watch again.  

8. Invent Your Dream Closet or Dream Home

drawing house plan

This day off is a great time to work on a plan of action that can get you closer to your dreams. Get a good 3D design app and start designing a dreamy closet or redecorating your home’s interior. 

If you’re good at drawing, you can also use a piece of paper and draw up the perfect design for your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Redecorating and online shopping for all the best furniture items is a lot of fun. This pastime will also help you reflect on future goals, and can stop you from overspending on home accessories that don’t fit with your current decor.  

9. Try Meditation or Other Relaxing Activities


Meditating and breathing exercises are great for relieving stress and tension in your body. Your day off is a good time to learn more about meditation techniques and to start these practices. You can also give other relaxing activities like yoga or pilates a try while you’re meditating. These workouts are not too strenuous, and will gradually improve your physical and mental health.

What to Do on a Lazy Day – Conclusion

We hope this guide on what to do on a lazy day will help you find something fun and rewarding to do on your day off. We hope you manage to get enough rest so you can start your new week fully refreshed and recharged.

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