60+ Healing Journal Prompts for Depression

Healing Journal Prompts for Depression

Depression is a mental condition that affects millions of people around the world. It can be debilitating, and at times it can even feel impossible to move past the struggles of this illness.

But journaling about our thoughts, feelings, and experiences with depression can help us cope- and in many cases heal- from this difficult condition.

If you have been struggling lately or know someone who is, these journal prompts might help get you started on the path to healing your mind and body.

Below are the 60+ most useful journal prompts for depression that I have used. When you’re feeling down and realize you need to take action, you can use these to help you through the difficult times of depression.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Journal For Depression

Journaling can be a very therapeutic and helpful way to deal with depression.

1. It Builds Self-Awareness.

Journaling can help you process the feelings and experiences that accompany depression

2. Helps You To Find Solutions For Your Problems.

You are journaling to get a sense of what’s going on inside your head, which will allow you to make better decisions for yourself when it comes time.

3. It Relieves Stress and anxiety and Improves Overall Mental Health.

Journaling is proven to be an effective way to relieve stress and heal from past traumas.

This practice helps you to clear your mind and get out of your head, which is essential for overcoming depression.

4. You Get The Chance To Truly Learn Yourself.

It allows us to have an outlet for our emotions in a way we may not be able or willing otherwise.

When we journal about these emotional responses, they are less likely to build up into larger issues down the line because we’re getting them out there and dealt with as soon as possible.

5. It Improves Self-Worth and Self-Esteem.

Journaling allows you a mental space where you are free from any judgment from others while still getting emotional relief out into words.

It’s also easier than trying to talk things out with someone else in person all the time.

One great thing about journaling is that it doesn’t require anything other than your thoughts, emotions, and a bit of time!

How To Start Journaling for Coping with Depression

If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m a huge fan of journaling for coping with depression.

Journaling can help you work through your emotions and understand what is going on with yourself in a variety of ways.

If journaling seems a difficult task for you, journal prompts can be an excellent way to get started. Journal prompts are sentences or phrases that help one think about what they want to write in their journal.

All you need to do is grab a pen or open up your favorite app- there’s no wrong way to journal!

The most important thing is to make it a habit.

As you journal more often, your brain will learn that this is its time for reflection and self-improvement.

Mental health is important no matter how old you are or where life has taken you, and journaling can be a powerful tool if used properly!

60 Healing Journal Prompts for Depression

As journaling is a personal process, you may want to read through the list of journal prompts below and pick out some that seem interesting.

Some people like writing about what they are feeling. Others prefer looking at their thoughts or daydreams. You can mix up your depression journal entries in order to find something that feels good for you!

The more honest we are about our thoughts, feelings, frustrations, failures, etc., the better chances there are for us to move past them so that they don’t continue impacting us negatively in all areas of our lives.

Journal Prompts for Depression

It may feel strange at first to write down your thoughts and feelings. You might even find it difficult to put your thoughts on paper. That is why these depression journal ideas are an excellent place to begin with.

  1. Write down 3 things that you have accomplished this week.
  2. What’s on your mind right now?
  3. When was the last time you felt happy and why did it go away?
  4. What would happen if my depression went away?
  5. Why are you depressed most days?
  6. What is holding you back from getting better?
  7. Write a love letter to yourself.
  8. What’s been bothering you lately?
  9. What aspect of yourself are you unsatisfied with, and how can you work to improve it?
  10. What aspect of your life are you the most unhappy with? (friends, career, relationship, and money)
  11. How can you begin to make changes in this area?
  12. What do you need to get better at?
  13. Write down 10 things that make you happy in life. (people, objects, food)
  14. What is your proudest accomplishment?
  15. What does self-love mean to you?
  16. Who can you talk to about your depression?
  17. List the 5 things that made you smile today.
  18. What have you discovered about yourself through your depression?
  19. Write 2 songs that hit home for you. How and why do you connect with these songs?
  20. What would your best friend say about you if he or she met you for the first time?

Journal Prompts for Anxiety and Depression

  1. Write 5 things you are thankful for today.
  2. When was the last time you did something nice and caring for yourself?
  3. Write about a time in your life when you were the happiest.
  4. Are you feeling stressed out or having anxious thoughts?
  5. What’s causing you stress and anxiety right now?
  6. Write a quote that inspires you the most. (Print it out for more motivation!)
  7. What are the top 3 triggers causing your depression?
  8. What is your definition of depression?
  9. When I’m feeling down, I need to remember that…
  10. When you are anxious, what makes you feel safe and calm?
  11. Who or what inspires you the most?
  12. Make a list of three things that make you anxious. Think of 1-2 ways you can deal with these triggers when they arise.
  13. Has 2020, or the pandemic in general, affected your mental health in any way? (Make two columns, starting with the negative and ending with the positive.)
  14. Describe the best compliment you have ever received. How did you react to it?
  15. In ten years, where do you want to be?
  16. Who is someone you would like to spend less time with because they are toxic?
  17. What are you looking forward to the most this coming week?
  18. Make a list of the toxic habits you want to stop.
  19. Make a list of the healthy habits you want to start implementing into your life.
  20. What are your favorite things to do when you’re feeling down?

Healing Depression Writing Prompts

  1. How would you react if someone told you they were suffering from depression? What advice or encouragement would you give them in this difficult situation?
  2. Write down 3 things about yourself that bring you joy or relief.
  3. What do you think will happen when you get better from depression?
  4. How can other people help you while coping with depression? Name 3 actionable ways.
  5. Make a list of 5 people you admire the most and explain why. (It can be friends, celebrities, family members, influencers, entrepreneurs, or anyone else you look up to.)
  6. Write down
  7. Create a morning routine that sparks motivation within you.
  8. Create a night routine to improve your sleep quality.
  9. Name something you need to forgive yourself for when you were younger.
  10. What has been holding you back in life because of your depression or anxiety? What could you do to make that happen?
  11. Write a letter to your younger self. What tips can you give them to help them better manage their mental health?
  12. Is there anything you regret not saying no to? Why didn’t you do it? What effect did it have on your perception of the situation?
  13. Name one big failure you had in life and what you learned from it.
  14. What does your ideal life look like?
  15. Make a list of goals you want to work toward.
  16. What activities do you think would improve your mood? Make sure to schedule them for the upcoming week/month.
  17. Name your favorite artist or actor that has helped you in life.
  18. What is the one thing that you are most afraid of? And why is that?
  19. What are the three things you like most about yourself?
  20. Do you have any feelings or thoughts that aren’t entirely negative?
  21. What is 1 change you can make in your everyday life that can massively improve your mental health?

60+ Healing Journal Prompts for Depression – Conclusion

Journal prompts for depression are one of the most effective tools for dealing with depression. These can assist in unlocking your thoughts and bringing them to the surface where they can have a positive impact on your mental health!

Be sure to make these journal prompts a part of your life for a greater good.

If writing these journal prompts has given you some comfort, please share them with anyone who may be suffering through similar difficulties!

The most important thing is being there for each other during hard times – I hope my words have been meaningful for those reading them.

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